Thursday, August 30, 2007

Survey & Comment Time!

I'd like to know how many of you work full time from your home.....a home office, telecommuting, etc. I'm curious to know if you miss the office culture, and if you find you have more free time or less, if you feel it impedes on your home life (the work's ALWAYS there), etc. And would you ever go back to the office, or are you just so in love with the ability to throw a load of laundry in while working, that you could never go back! Do you stick to a set 7 or 8 hour time frame, or do you some work here, some there, some at 2AM, whatever it takes to get the job done?

That workstyle has always piqued my it as great as it sounds? Or do you spend your day reading blogs! LOL

Always curious, am I, am I! Please let me hear from you!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rug progress...

This is my first I'm quite excited by this progress! The first is an overall view...and the second, a close up. LOVE working with these dyed wools!

I will say that I'm not exactly enjoying the process just yet....I don't know if the hook I'm using is too fine for these wool and the backing or tends to get snagged and tangled. If there are any rug hookers out there, I would really appreciate knowing if there's some big magic trick to stopping that from happening. The hook I have seems quite thin/fine, but it's the one the lady that sold me the kit included, so am assuming it's okay. It's a Joan Moshimer hook.

But I will trudge on! ;o) This is a just a small "welcome" rug. I have two more rug patterns waiting in the wings....both scrappy....I love scrappy! ;o)

Hope your weekend's been grand! :o)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

They say that Birds of a Feather...

flock together! And so I'm putting this out there for any ambitious quilter that may be reading!! Once upon a time I was entranced by this quilt:

from this book by a couple of my favorite designers -- BLACKBIRD DESIGNS!

So entranced was I, that went here and signed right up for their Block of the Month for the quilt as pictured above. The dark version! Positively lovely! Now...if you go to Homespun Hearth and try and find will not....because they sold out of this Block of the Month quite quickly! It started in January......I have yet to even OPEN a single monthly bag of fabric and start this sucker! GEEZ! Soooooooo....rather than let it sit...on my shelf.....I would like to offer it out to another ambitious quilter that would love to make the quilt! Book and kitted blocks total over $200, but I will sell it and ship it for $145! WOW! What a deal! Please drop me an email if you're interested. I gladly take paypal, credit cards included!

Now...on to more cleaning down in the sewing room............stay tuned.

And OH! DEB! THANK YOU! !!!! I absolutely HATE sewing needlepoint canvas to scroll frame bars...and so will GLADLY use your suggestion and tape them! PERFECT! Thanks tons!!! You're the best!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Little Blog Redecorating...

has taken place. Deb--you are NOW in my blogs link! :o) I switched templates...added some things....and man, is it ever easier to add links and blogs, etc.! I LOVE it!

I'm all about spreading the love....(that's that neo-inner-hippie in me) if you happen to stumble on my blog and want me to link yours, just shoot me an email or leave a comment. I'm always thrilled to check out new blogs! and it's always fun to see how many people really do read mine! :o)

Nothing much new in my corner of the midwest.....recuperating from a nasty sinus thing...or maybe it's allergies...or maybe there's a 'bug' going around....but in any event....2 1/2 days off work, lots of naps and meds and I'm back to somewhat normal, although those that know me would argue that I'm usually always FAR from normal! ha!

On the project front....I'm knitting again....I know, I know, it's just another dishrag....but I couldn't STAND it! I had to get those needles in my hands! I'm going to be working on finding a project to use that yummy angora bunny yarn....and also have a list of funky yarns to pick up for a really cool bag I'll be making. Quilt-wise----nothing cut out...nothing. Nada...zilch...ZIPPO! I do have a stash of civil war fabrics and a background waiting to be cut in to a TON of squares for a Miss Rosie's pattern...I love her patterns...but there is SO MUCH piecing...and therefore so MUCH CUTTING! So I really have to be "in the mood", and obviously I haven't been! If anything, I would say I'd be in the mood to pull for an applique quilt...but then...nah. Quilting is just not on my list of things to work on right now. Quilting rut Stitching--it's still Abigail Parish, though she hasn't seen the light of day since I last posted about her. Rug hooking----I have one on the frame...and it has been 'begun' for a while now.

I hope everyone's week is going swell....if you didn't know it...tomorrow's FRIDAY! So then that means that all bets are off as far as what's on my project agenda for the weekend! I'll touch base later and let you know what made it to the top of the pile! I *DO* have a needlepoint kit or two that I would like to get started...or at least perhaps some "sew needlepoint canvas on to scroll frame bars" is on the agenda for the weekend! We'll see!

Oh Oh OH! I mention....that I hope everyone witnessed the fine FINE showing the Cowboy's put on during the preseason game last week!? It's going to be a good year! ;o)

Okay---I'll end this for now. Remember---if you'd like me to put your blog in my link, just let me know--somehow---and I'll make it happen.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Little Purge....

is in order in the sewing studio, I do believe. I've decided to pull fabrics for several quilts.....go through and pull fabrics that don't necessarily appeal to me and put them on ebay...and continually sift, sort and purge until I feel good about the fabric stash situation. Of course, this does not mean that I will rid myself of the fabric stash......there are some fabrics that you just canNOT get rid of...whether you see a use in the near or distant future for them or LOVE these fabrics and will NOT part with them for anything because will use that fabric in a fantabulous quilt!

I think that a big reason for this guilt over the fabric stash lately, is that all I want to do is knit.....knit knit knit...crochet crochet crochet....all things YARN!!! And then the rug hooking is sitting there calling me too...and my newest needlepoint acquisitions are singing to me too!!! And so quilting is taking a backseat for now. Is this a BAD thing? Is quilting over for me? No...I don't think so...but I don't feel the need to have so much fabric anymore......besides the fact that nowadays there are so many WONDERFUL quilts that you can get already kitted up! I used to think that was cheating...buying a quilt kitted up....but so many of them today are fabrics that I would have pulled achieved. HA! Another reason it would be okay to really filter the fabric stash......not to mention that tastes change and I'm not so into that dark muddy look anymore.....things have brightened a bit in the studio (think Kaffe)....and so now I have all of these primitive type fabrics to deal with. So the way I'm going to "deal" is to offer them up on ebay to the next lucky quilter looking for some fabulous older prints. I have one gal over in Australia that LOVES to buy my stash! LOL Hopefully she's watching my auctions now!!! And yet ANOTHER justification for moving out the stash....if not all of it, a big part of it...there are ALWAYS new and wonderful fabrics on the shelf in the quilt shops...and how fun would it be to have a pattern in mind and go in and get NEW fabrics for the quilt?? Yes...that is the best justification of all. Why...just the thought of that makes me want to go down and purge some more!!!!

Any other suggestions for ridding myself of fabric guilt....or other ways to reduce the stash? Feel free to leave a comment!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

that is the question!? LOL Okay---another call out for comments...and of course you can be anonymous if you'd rather not have everyone know....but please let me know if you have a tattoo....and what it is...and if you regret getting it? or if you are contemplating a tattoo...same thing.

Of course we all know I'll probably chicken out on this whole thing.....hubby reminded me..."what about the spiel you gave to the older two kids when they were getting them...about how they were permanently defacing their body, etc etc and how they'll regret it, etc etc"...and my response to him was that *I* am older, thereby somewhat wiser and am past the point where I would regret it because I am older and wiser. HA!

In other news...have been stitching along on Abigail....I'm on the entirely backstitched not fun! I'll post progress pics later this weekend.

Jake starts school on this weekend we will be acquiring new skate jeans....pencils, times ahead! Of course he would beg to differ...on the fun times thing.

Until next time...........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thought for today (Comments PLEASE!)

Stash or no stash? Do you struggle with simplifying your life, yet still want to hoard a stash of fabric, of yarn, of wool, samplers? Or do you find it best to go along and only acquire whatever you need for a particular project?

I am the first to say that I have struggled with this whole fabric stash idea for a looooooooooooong time. I have amassed a LOT of fabric....though not as much as SOME of you out there in blogland! Seeing other quilters' sewing rooms has given me pause...made me feel okay with mine. However, in my ongoing quest to simplify, etc, I admit that I struggle with whether to get rid of the fabric stash and just purchase fabric for each specific quilt, or keep the stash.

Let me say, that I love scrap quilts, and so always justified the stash that way. But as I go along....I feel like a lot of my scrap quilts are all looking the same...or at least have the same look/feel to them...and why wouldn't they???? It's all the SAME STASH! LOL Do you see the dilema? On the other hand, I love having it there so that when inspiration strikes....I can go downstairs and play and pull fabrics on a whim.

So to purge the stash or not? Or maybe just thin it out and add new? What is the answer? Or just select and purchase for each individual quilt, which would definitely insure different looks in quilts.

Your thoughts and comments please???

Monday, August 13, 2007

Moving along on the path...

though I can't speak completely freely and openly about it right now....just wanted to post that I have taken a couple more the right direction. ;o)

Funny how things work out isn't it? I don't think I've ever publicly shared the story about a certain nationally famous quilting duo that shall remain nameless, that contacted me a couple years ago and asked me to go in to business with them...which would have entailed a shop of my own, etc etc.....the months were rolling along, plans were being made, contracts were drawn up, retail space was found, etc and I was just on cloud NINE...or TEN...or ELEVEN even! Thinking "Finally! My dream is going to come true!!". And the eleventh hour, things began to unravel...and in the end, my dream was not to be. I harbored a little resentment at just wasn't fair.......but then things were going south as far as Dad's health, etc. and I have come to realize that some dreams/prayers aren't meant to be for good reason. At this point in my life, I don't WANT to be married to a shop of my own....tied down day in and day out...with no freedom to travel, etc. And so looking back, I can see it all happened the way it did for a reason. Thanks, God, for that lesson!

And I am even more confident in my abilities to be self-sufficient------freelance mode----ready to travel when I want and live life as it comes........And the best part is hubby is completely on that makes it a little easier too!!!

It's going to be scary....but oh won't the rewards be fabulous!!! Deb in Naples....never know when I'll pop in for a visit, once I'm free to travel and such!!! I'll let you know ahead of time so you can get the blender fired up! LOL And Melissa---I promise to stop by the Redneck Riviera on the way too!

Hope everyone's Monday is going swell! *Peace!*

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Abigail Progress for Sunday

I haven't really worked on my Abigail Parrish sampler since that night back in May in Peoria, my return trip home from burying Dad. was time for her to see the light of day and for me to actually get busy with her. I have finished the first complete band! YAY!

It's so nice to just be sitting in my comfy chair with needle and silk and stitching again! Although anything yarn-related is still in the back of my mind! :o) I'm stitching Abby, as she is fondly called, on a beautiful Lakeside Linens vintage wash linen, though I can't remember which one, using silks by Vikki Clayton aka Hand Dyed Fibers Check out her website...she has the most luscious hand dyed silks at SUCH a reasonable price! And if you love ribbon....even if only to pile in a little basket and admire, she has yummy ribbon too!

I hope you've all had a wonderfully peaceful Sunday! *Peace!*

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Okay---after I posted my blog update last night...still couldn't I went ahead and cut out the fabrics for the quilt top! Then started sewing strip sets....and finally decided to try and sleep about 2:30AM. Got back up at 9:15AM.......puttered around....watched a movie....then downstairs for laundry and sewing and WALAAAAAAH!!! Quilt top is done! How ridiculously easy was THIS to piece!

This was one of those patterns that is meant to utilize a great fabric that you don't really want to cut up into small this Kaffe print fit the bill for me! The pattern is by Maple Island Quilts.... BQ2 is the name. It doesn't call for a border....just quilt and bind if that's the case, I shall bind it with a wider binding than usual.....using the Kaffe Print. I think it's great for a quick piecer! Measures about 52 x 65, so a nice size! :o) I can't WAIT to figure out how I want it quilted....I think that will really make it come alive! Any suggestions for quilting on this? Feel free to leave a comment!

Yay! Mission accomplished---quilt top pieced! That was too easy I'm STILL not going to let myself purchase more yarn stash....I have to work on something else from stash...whether it's stiching or quilting...or even the rug hooking project I've started. I will buy NO YARN this weekend....NONE. I will work on stash projects this whatever comes Monday...well, that's another story! ha!

Happy Saturday everyone! *Peace!*

Friday, August 10, 2007

TGIF again!

OMG it was a DAY! Deadlines looming at the office meant I didn't get the afternoon off like I was supposed to. Woe was me.....finally got out of there at 4:00....promptly came home, laid down to rid myself of the impending headache, and did not wake up and get out of bed until 9:20PM!!!!! Can you say "off kilter body clock"? Yeah...that's what I'm seeing in my future. UNLESS, perhaps I NEEDED the additional sleep and will still get to bed by, oh...say 1AM....then I'll be okay! I don't know why I feel so tired sometimes!

So I am....up late and contemplating weekend projects!

I received a couple items this week......yarn stash! Might I mention that my yarn stash is multiplying quickly!!!!
About as fast as the angora bunnies that this yummy yarn came from multiply! Isn't this fabulous!?!?!?

I found this gal online that spins this yarn from her fuzzy little angora bunnies' fur and then hand dyes it. Believe's fabulous! Super soft and I can't wait to figure out what to use it for! I bought all she had in this color configuration! Love it!!!!

Then I also got this great silk sari fiber...

It's spun from remnants of silk saris over in India. I love the texture and can't wait to couple this with some great chunky wool! Some of it already has a's going to go in to a great handbag I'm going to be working on! Mixed in with a ton of other funky fibers, including some natural wool roving. I'll be sure to post progress on that baby as it comes together! I need to compile a few more funky fibers, but have told myself I need to get a couple other projects finished that I already have supplies a quilt top or two!

Enter this fabric combo..........

Who woulda thunkit! A fabulous Kaffe Fasset print....oversized lotus leaves in a super color combo! Add to that a wonderful old Moda print by Brannock & Patek for the background...and throw in an awesomely wicked poison green from a civil war line...and waalah! I'm going to keep the pattern a secret for now....but will tell you that it is ridiculously simple and I think the lap quilt top will be complete this weekend.....if not tomorrow night! I'll post progress!

I hope you all have creative ambitions for the weekend!!! *Peace!*

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


for some FOOTBALL!!!! Okay folks....set your clocks......get your beverages and snacks in order....locate your local Fox HDTV channel and get ready for 7PM kickoff tomorrow night of the greatest football team of all silly....not those Colts.....the COWBOYS!!!! :o) Preseason starts tomorrow and you'd think it was a flippin' holiday around here!!! I'm just giddy at the thought of football season! YEAH! Hubby, of course, thinks I'm a little off kilter with my football obsession.....but I am who I am! ;o) He loves that about me.....ha!

Go Cowboys!!!! More later................

Monday, August 06, 2007

Vintage Striped Blanket is Finite!

Wow! That went pretty fast! Behold---the vintage striped afghan....made entirely from mish-mash stash courtesy of Ebay! I can't believe I got so many funky and cool colors in that auction stash! I'm quite pleased, and the dogs like it too! UGH! Have you ever tried to crochet and NOT get dog hair mixed in with your stitches? *SIGH* Ah...the joys of the four legged creatures! Or shall I say the joys of Sam and Ellie----Emmitt does not shed----gotta love Emmitt! ;o)
I decided to finish it off with a multi-colored fringe.....and so hubby helped organize and put seven different colors in a grouping times umteen groupings for the ends.
Yeah..Hi Jerry! Meet Jerry everyone!

I still have to go back and weave the knots in to the afghan...where I ran out of yarn and tied the next strand to it...I'm sure there was probably a better way to do that...but I'm a knot kinda gal I guess. Jerry thinks I should just clip them off...since they're tied in double knots, but I think I need to thread and weave......anyone? Opinions?

So that's what I've been up between work.

I just realized it's been a week or so since I posted! I don't know if it's allergies or what's going on with my "behind the eyes and top of the head" pain thing I've been dealing with...and so tired....and sinus meds don't seem to do I figure it must be allergies. Anyhoo...I've been quite the lump around the house lately...and that has to change!!!

I turned 42 on Saturday the 4th....and I've decided to OWN and CLAIM every FLIPPIN' year! No lying about my have been informing anyone that will listen that 42 is the new 62 and I should be contemplating retirement. Maybe just retirement from the daily usual grind...the typical 8 to 5. Every day I feel braver---like I'm getting closer to stepping outside of that box that some of us a call a comfort zone...and reclaiming my time....finding other ways to make ends meet without having to be on someone else's clock.....I get closer every day!!!!! :o)) So just the fact that I'm feeling braver about it every day is quite the accomplishment....I've always been the people pleaser---the good girl----do what's expected---be responsible----etc. Now I'm not saying I'm going to be IRresponsible...but I'm ready to be a bit unconventional! Heck...I'm even contemplating a TATTOO!!! *insert horrendous gasp here*. LOL Just a small size.....maybe.....just thinking about it. ;o) I'm not a glutton for pain of any sort, so I don't know how far this thought process will go! I'm thinking I would like a colorful sunburst...with the yin-yang symbol or the peace sign in the middle. On the inside of my ankle...or maybe the outside....but something bigger than a quarter....maybe a nickle now...yeah...a nickle. How painful can THAT be?? LOL

OMG how did I get off on THAT little tangent! LOL

Have a great today! Peace! ;o)