Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday night...

and I'm getting ready to hit the sack. Thought I'd post my progress on the vintage vertical stripe blanket! I would say I'm about 1/4 done! How fun and addicting! I've used each color once and have about 12" or so done!
Deb...aka Lavendar Rose....I'm going to have to figure out HOW I got the blogs in my sidebar that are there! LOL I can't remember how I did it....but I will figure it out and update to add your fabulous blog, dear friend!! Oh my...I don't think I could ever list every blog I read over there on the side! It would take over the blog! LOL I wish it were easier to add stuff to this blog without having to decipher a foreign language! Any tips would be appreciated!
So, in typical Sunday night fashion, I'm mourning the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have another full work week ahead of me. Have I ever mentioned that I never ever aspired to be a CAREER woman!
Until next time...I'm off to sleepville....where I will toss and turn until the alarm goes off shortly before 6AM! Enjoy your evening folks!


Melissa said...

Kim-love how your afghan is progressing. Are you just randomly choosing colors? They look great.

Lavender Rose said...

Hi, Kim!! Your stripes are so great!! I can picture you underneath the blanket buried and still adding that "one more beautiful color!!!" You are the best, Kimbie!!