Saturday, July 28, 2007

Progress has been impeded...

albeit temporarily, on the vintage striped blanket this morning! Ellie Mae has decided it makes a fabulous bathing and napping pedestal for her highness. LOL I'm about 1/3 done with it and it's super fun and fast! I'm really loving it! However, I also know that I will be ready to move out the big huge box of mixed colors yarn when this project is done and offer it up to the next person that would like to tackle this project, or any other scrappy color project! If anyone's interested in acquiring the stash when I'm finished...and trust me..there will be a TON left...MORE than enough to make this project and then some! This isn't even putting a DENT in the yarn loot I purchased! if someone out there reading would like to acquire this, just let me know and we'll work out a HECKUVA deal! ;o) Otherwise, I will be recycling the lot via ebay.

And Melissa--Hi! :o) Yes...I am just randomly picking colors as I go along. It's really fun! Although I'm wondering if all of the yarns are acrylic...I think some may be wool or at least a wool I need to remember to wash in cold and let it air dry and then fluff in the dryer! The pitfalls of unknown yarn stash is not knowing exactly what fibers you're working with! But's fun anyway huh? :o)

In other yarn news, I'm already itching to finish this project up and get started on a ripple afghan! I purchased the book by Jan Eaton with the 200 ripple patterns...and am anxious to get to the nearest Hobby Lobby or Michaels and purchase some new yarn specific for the ripple afghan project! I also have some yummy yummy yummy angora handspun yarn coming...which I will use to knit a lovely scarf...not the "OMG it's snowing and bitterly cold so I better wear a scarf" kinda scarf, but rather a lovely luxurious indoor scarf! I'll post a pic when I get the yarn...I can't wait! Found it online... a lady that spins it from the fur of her beautiful angora bunnies! It's hand-dyed and I can't wait to just FEEL it! :o)

Enjoy your Saturday! I think after I do a little cleaning (a LITTLE cleaning) I will rouse the cat up from her nap and get busy on that striped blanket!!! Until next post.....

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