Saturday, July 07, 2007

Junkin' Adventure Saturday

Happy Saturday to everyone! Today was a junkin' adventure Saturday with the girls. What great fun we had! We met for breakfast and then planned our stops.....and boy did we find some great stuff! I love the hunt...through Goodwills and thrift and consignment shops. We only hit three, but came away satisfied with our finds and we were home in the AC by noon!

Here's a few of my treasures! I picked up all 3 of these great little plates from thrift shops, but the middle blue one was from today. It blended beautifully with the hand painted french provencial plate on top and the sunny yellow plate on the bottom! It was meant to be!

I was thrilled to find this beautiful red semi distressed wooden tray for a mere $4! YAY! And the strange double pottery thingy was a find too. It now holds straws on the kitchen counter...and the red tray...well it's found a place of its own as well! We'll see if you can spot it later!
An old kitchen scale for $7 was another today find! When hubby queried what in the world I was going to do with "THAT!?!?"...I Hmphed and proceeded to plop it right up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen! So there! ha! ;o) Now, after looking at this picture, I realize I should dust up there once in a while. But ignore that for now!

I LOVE these bowls! They're marked France and are wonderfully shallow soup/pasta bowls in a yummy sagey green and a clay-terra cotta-brown! Another steal at $8 for all 6!!

So all in all it was a great morning, meeting with friends, being goofy, laughing about simple things and finding good stuff on the hunt! Best part was I only spent about $30!!! I picked up a Wilton Armetale tray for 50 old china platter....a flower frog to add to my collection...a couple of picture frames, a crackled mustard yellow asian-inspired vase etc. A nice little haul for $30!

I proceeded to come home....start some on some quilt binding....and took a nap. ;o) I've since been watching the Live Earth concerts on Bravo and switching back and forth to HGTV. It's late...but I'm enjoying some iced coffee and will hopefully get the quilt binding finished. Must be that nap---but I just don't feel tired right now!

Here's a parting photo.....I'm sure you can spot where the red tray and ended up residing....if only for now! Until tomorrow....or later.......make it a great one!


Melissa said...

Great finds Kim!! Don't you love getting a deal? But OMG! That stack of quilts you have your tray on. WOW!!!!

Lavender Rose said...

Love your plates, Kim. The blue and yellow and white is beautiful! Keep up the good work!