Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gotta love Ebay!!!

I read a lot of blogs and get tons of ideas from everyone! A ton of creative inspiration out there! One thing I've had bookmarked for quite a long time is this great crochet project Of course, the premise is that it's a great project to use up yarn stash. Okay---I'll admit I really don't have a yarn stash yet.....yet being the key word!

Enter Ebay. I didn't want to take the time or money to go and buy a huge assortment of colors in new I decided I'd haunt the auctions for a while looking for steals of deals on lots of yarn! And boy did I score! It all arrived yesterday....3 different auctions for approximately $50 including the shipping (the yarn itself was quite spendiest auction was a 10 lb lot already wrapped in balls for $21...then another lot for $5.98 and another lot for $1.98!! It was the shipping that drove the price up, but still, I don't think I could have gotten this great of an assortment new for that price...not even close!!!) and this is what I've amassed:

This is only PART of it! OMG I laughed and laughed as I was dumping out the boxes!!! There's a box downstairs filled with mostly multi colored yarns and whites, off whites, etc. This laundry basket is FULL! Full I say!

So I was just a little kid on Christmas morning! Grabbed a hook and started this great project!!! Here's my progress as of last night.....

It's so addicting I didn't want to go to bed! I couldn't wait to pull another color out! I think it will be fun to see how much of this yarn I can use up in the project! Then I'll either start a granny square project (I'd like to try the hexagon ones) and/or the remnants of the yarn stash will go BACK on Ebay for the next person to use! Gotta love Ebay!!!!


Lavender Rose said...

Hi, Kim! I'm so happy to hear you are so happy to have all that yarn!! If only I had known you a couple of years ago...I'd have sent you bags!! I was moving and didn't have anyone to send it off to Goodwill it went. You are enjoying it so much. I love to see it. Hugs and love,

Lavender Rose said...

PS: Did you know you don't have me on your fav. bloggers list???? :(

Melissa said...

Hi Kim! I have a Vintage Stripe Afgan in progress too! I really like working on it but it's too hot right now. What a great yarn score! I'm going to have to start browsing eBay for yarn and see what I can find. I can't afford to be a yarn snob, and anyway if I crocheted afghans in wool I would only forget when I washed them and end up felting them, LOL, so acrylic, how I love thee!

Last summer I started a Grandmother's Flower Garden crochet afghan and wasn't happy with the colors at all so I did some stash diving and some uh, you know that "store who shall not be named" shopping to get some brighter colors which can also go into my Vintage Stripe afghan too. Two birds one stone, that rocks!! Boy I should have just emailed you!