Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's been a relaxing AND productive Sunday! I LOVE those kind of days! I got the binding sewn on to the two quilts I got back from the quilter Thursday. Now just have the handwork to do to sew them down.

AND....I have the "innards" of the Bullseye quilts done! And I've picked out the borders....a sagey green for the inner border, and a lovely jewel red tonal print for the outer borders! And I'm so darn excited because I have enough to do BOTH quilts the same!

And if it THAT wasn't enough to make my day....I went through the stash looking for backing fabric....needing 3 5/8" yards for each quilt...and lo and behold....I uncovered a BEAUTIMUS print from the Moda Floral Trails line that came out many years ago....and guess what.....wonder of wonders....I have over EIGHT YARDS of it! And it's PERFECT with ALL the colors of the quilt in it!!! Now tell me...what are the ODDS! These will be "twinner" quilts in every sense of the word!

The first one I made and gave to Dad & Tania...I machine quilted myself on my doing a spiral in each block and then meandering over to the next block and then doing the borders.....but the task of TWO awaiting me seems daunting, so think I'm going to just send these out for quilting. I'm not sure if the longarm quilters charge more if I ask for the spiral/meander thing or if I should just say do the meandering all over it. Any suggestions? Any longarmers out there reading? If so, I'm wondering if the meandering all over will have any ill effects on the "fraying factor" once I wash these? I don't think so....I think they'll still fray...but am curious what others have to say.

I have a pork loin in the oven, I made macaroni salad earlier today....and we're lounging now. I think I'll pull out my binding tin and get busy doing some handwork on these quilts. I'll admit I'm a little lost because I knit up the last of my cotton dishrag yarn yesterday and shipped 3 dishrags off to daughter, Ashley. Now I have no mindless knitting! Oh no!!! I think I'll have to pull out my felted crochet slippers project and get busy on these and see how they turn out! I'll keep you posted as I get busy on those....but for now....mindless binding it is! Happy Sunday everyone!

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Mona said...

What a beautiful quilts Kim !!! Where do you find the time. And they will be identical twinners at that !! WOW - that makes them EXTRA special:o)
Well...enjoy the rest of you Sunday !