Saturday, July 28, 2007

Progress has been impeded...

albeit temporarily, on the vintage striped blanket this morning! Ellie Mae has decided it makes a fabulous bathing and napping pedestal for her highness. LOL I'm about 1/3 done with it and it's super fun and fast! I'm really loving it! However, I also know that I will be ready to move out the big huge box of mixed colors yarn when this project is done and offer it up to the next person that would like to tackle this project, or any other scrappy color project! If anyone's interested in acquiring the stash when I'm finished...and trust me..there will be a TON left...MORE than enough to make this project and then some! This isn't even putting a DENT in the yarn loot I purchased! if someone out there reading would like to acquire this, just let me know and we'll work out a HECKUVA deal! ;o) Otherwise, I will be recycling the lot via ebay.

And Melissa--Hi! :o) Yes...I am just randomly picking colors as I go along. It's really fun! Although I'm wondering if all of the yarns are acrylic...I think some may be wool or at least a wool I need to remember to wash in cold and let it air dry and then fluff in the dryer! The pitfalls of unknown yarn stash is not knowing exactly what fibers you're working with! But's fun anyway huh? :o)

In other yarn news, I'm already itching to finish this project up and get started on a ripple afghan! I purchased the book by Jan Eaton with the 200 ripple patterns...and am anxious to get to the nearest Hobby Lobby or Michaels and purchase some new yarn specific for the ripple afghan project! I also have some yummy yummy yummy angora handspun yarn coming...which I will use to knit a lovely scarf...not the "OMG it's snowing and bitterly cold so I better wear a scarf" kinda scarf, but rather a lovely luxurious indoor scarf! I'll post a pic when I get the yarn...I can't wait! Found it online... a lady that spins it from the fur of her beautiful angora bunnies! It's hand-dyed and I can't wait to just FEEL it! :o)

Enjoy your Saturday! I think after I do a little cleaning (a LITTLE cleaning) I will rouse the cat up from her nap and get busy on that striped blanket!!! Until next post.....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday night...

and I'm getting ready to hit the sack. Thought I'd post my progress on the vintage vertical stripe blanket! I would say I'm about 1/4 done! How fun and addicting! I've used each color once and have about 12" or so done!
Deb...aka Lavendar Rose....I'm going to have to figure out HOW I got the blogs in my sidebar that are there! LOL I can't remember how I did it....but I will figure it out and update to add your fabulous blog, dear friend!! Oh my...I don't think I could ever list every blog I read over there on the side! It would take over the blog! LOL I wish it were easier to add stuff to this blog without having to decipher a foreign language! Any tips would be appreciated!
So, in typical Sunday night fashion, I'm mourning the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have another full work week ahead of me. Have I ever mentioned that I never ever aspired to be a CAREER woman!
Until next time...I'm off to sleepville....where I will toss and turn until the alarm goes off shortly before 6AM! Enjoy your evening folks!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gotta love Ebay!!!

I read a lot of blogs and get tons of ideas from everyone! A ton of creative inspiration out there! One thing I've had bookmarked for quite a long time is this great crochet project Of course, the premise is that it's a great project to use up yarn stash. Okay---I'll admit I really don't have a yarn stash yet.....yet being the key word!

Enter Ebay. I didn't want to take the time or money to go and buy a huge assortment of colors in new I decided I'd haunt the auctions for a while looking for steals of deals on lots of yarn! And boy did I score! It all arrived yesterday....3 different auctions for approximately $50 including the shipping (the yarn itself was quite spendiest auction was a 10 lb lot already wrapped in balls for $21...then another lot for $5.98 and another lot for $1.98!! It was the shipping that drove the price up, but still, I don't think I could have gotten this great of an assortment new for that price...not even close!!!) and this is what I've amassed:

This is only PART of it! OMG I laughed and laughed as I was dumping out the boxes!!! There's a box downstairs filled with mostly multi colored yarns and whites, off whites, etc. This laundry basket is FULL! Full I say!

So I was just a little kid on Christmas morning! Grabbed a hook and started this great project!!! Here's my progress as of last night.....

It's so addicting I didn't want to go to bed! I couldn't wait to pull another color out! I think it will be fun to see how much of this yarn I can use up in the project! Then I'll either start a granny square project (I'd like to try the hexagon ones) and/or the remnants of the yarn stash will go BACK on Ebay for the next person to use! Gotta love Ebay!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

In your best sing-song voice...say it with me...

They're DoooooONE! The Bullseye quilts are done! Ready to go off to see the quilter when the call is received! Now..I know that soon-to-be-sis-in-law, Mona (Hi Mona) reads this blog...and I had said that she would have to wait to see her quilt, but, well, where's the harm in letting her see it now...since we all KNOW that quilts look different once they're quilted anyway! Right? Right! And so....first you must admire Miss Ellie Mae...the fat cat of the household, in her most provocative fat-cat pose on the quilt as it was laid out for border measurements. She always does this...loves to get right in the center of whatever top I'm working on. So...everybody, please, let me introduce you to Ellie Mae.

Okay--now that those introductions are done, here is a photo of one of the Bullseye quilts with borders intact. I can't wait to get them quilted!

And this next pic is of the wonderful Floral Trails fabric that I'm using for the backs! And yes....
the backs are also pieced and ready! These
babes are done!

I can't wait to get them quilted, bound and throw them in the washer and dryer to fray out!
That's when their true character comes out!
Trust me, they look totally different once quilted and frayed!

Mona--I hope you love yours! :o) They were great fun to make!

In other creative news this weekend, I have this sweater...that I have LOVED like no other for many many many years...much to the absolute disDAIN of hubby...he always thought it was the most horrendous and loud sweater EVER! He cannot appreciate the artsy-fartsiness of it all! And's's a short cropped boxy sweater from my stick-thin girl days. I have had this in my closet...since then...knowing it shall ne'er again adorn my now 'yeah-I've-had-three-kids-and-I-lead-a-sedentary-life' body. And I was okay with that. But then I thought, hey! I can make something out of that so I can enjoy the sweater for FOREVER! The artsy-fartsy sweater will live in emphamy! Emphamy, I say!

So, while it's not interior designer perfect, I now have this lovely large pillow from the sweater! It's weird...and it's RED! and has wool felt and BEADS all over it and so I love it! Right now it resides in the sewing room, keeping my bright and equally loud and artsy Kaffe Fasset print pillow company!

Okay---so it's a little odd looking huh ? Like someone wacked the arms off a favorite sweater and stuffed a pillow form in it and sewed it shut. *sigh* Oh is what it is....and I like it anyway. I'm pretty easy to please. ;o)

I don't think I have any other news today....I think I'm going to pick up a stitching needle and work on a sampler this afternoon!

Enjoy the rest of your today! :o)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Junkin' Adventure Saturday

Happy Saturday to everyone! Today was a junkin' adventure Saturday with the girls. What great fun we had! We met for breakfast and then planned our stops.....and boy did we find some great stuff! I love the hunt...through Goodwills and thrift and consignment shops. We only hit three, but came away satisfied with our finds and we were home in the AC by noon!

Here's a few of my treasures! I picked up all 3 of these great little plates from thrift shops, but the middle blue one was from today. It blended beautifully with the hand painted french provencial plate on top and the sunny yellow plate on the bottom! It was meant to be!

I was thrilled to find this beautiful red semi distressed wooden tray for a mere $4! YAY! And the strange double pottery thingy was a find too. It now holds straws on the kitchen counter...and the red tray...well it's found a place of its own as well! We'll see if you can spot it later!
An old kitchen scale for $7 was another today find! When hubby queried what in the world I was going to do with "THAT!?!?"...I Hmphed and proceeded to plop it right up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen! So there! ha! ;o) Now, after looking at this picture, I realize I should dust up there once in a while. But ignore that for now!

I LOVE these bowls! They're marked France and are wonderfully shallow soup/pasta bowls in a yummy sagey green and a clay-terra cotta-brown! Another steal at $8 for all 6!!

So all in all it was a great morning, meeting with friends, being goofy, laughing about simple things and finding good stuff on the hunt! Best part was I only spent about $30!!! I picked up a Wilton Armetale tray for 50 old china platter....a flower frog to add to my collection...a couple of picture frames, a crackled mustard yellow asian-inspired vase etc. A nice little haul for $30!

I proceeded to come home....start some on some quilt binding....and took a nap. ;o) I've since been watching the Live Earth concerts on Bravo and switching back and forth to HGTV. It's late...but I'm enjoying some iced coffee and will hopefully get the quilt binding finished. Must be that nap---but I just don't feel tired right now!

Here's a parting photo.....I'm sure you can spot where the red tray and ended up residing....if only for now! Until tomorrow....or later.......make it a great one!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's been a relaxing AND productive Sunday! I LOVE those kind of days! I got the binding sewn on to the two quilts I got back from the quilter Thursday. Now just have the handwork to do to sew them down.

AND....I have the "innards" of the Bullseye quilts done! And I've picked out the borders....a sagey green for the inner border, and a lovely jewel red tonal print for the outer borders! And I'm so darn excited because I have enough to do BOTH quilts the same!

And if it THAT wasn't enough to make my day....I went through the stash looking for backing fabric....needing 3 5/8" yards for each quilt...and lo and behold....I uncovered a BEAUTIMUS print from the Moda Floral Trails line that came out many years ago....and guess what.....wonder of wonders....I have over EIGHT YARDS of it! And it's PERFECT with ALL the colors of the quilt in it!!! Now tell me...what are the ODDS! These will be "twinner" quilts in every sense of the word!

The first one I made and gave to Dad & Tania...I machine quilted myself on my doing a spiral in each block and then meandering over to the next block and then doing the borders.....but the task of TWO awaiting me seems daunting, so think I'm going to just send these out for quilting. I'm not sure if the longarm quilters charge more if I ask for the spiral/meander thing or if I should just say do the meandering all over it. Any suggestions? Any longarmers out there reading? If so, I'm wondering if the meandering all over will have any ill effects on the "fraying factor" once I wash these? I don't think so....I think they'll still fray...but am curious what others have to say.

I have a pork loin in the oven, I made macaroni salad earlier today....and we're lounging now. I think I'll pull out my binding tin and get busy doing some handwork on these quilts. I'll admit I'm a little lost because I knit up the last of my cotton dishrag yarn yesterday and shipped 3 dishrags off to daughter, Ashley. Now I have no mindless knitting! Oh no!!! I think I'll have to pull out my felted crochet slippers project and get busy on these and see how they turn out! I'll keep you posted as I get busy on those....but for now....mindless binding it is! Happy Sunday everyone!