Friday, June 15, 2007


Wow! Now THAT's an original line huh? :o) Give me a break here....I wanted to get a post in but really have nothing new and wonderful to say! LOL Actually---I suppose I kind of do! I'm working on making some felted wool balls right we speak....they're in the washer....I hope they turn out cool! I'll be posting a pic soon!

I hope everyone had a great week and that you have fabulously wonderful and creative weekend plans! The hubby just left to go fishing...I just uncorked a bottle of Shiraz and am awaiting the outcome of my first attempt at felting! Hubby doesn't understand WHY I want to make felted wool balls. I say to put in a big bowl. And he again mutters "Why?" and I say "Because just LOOK how cool all of these colors of wool are!" and he looks completely befuddled. I let him know it's okay---it's really not something he has to understand or approve of. Just another creative avenue I'm traveling down! LOL You can imagine what sort of pruned up facial expression THAT drew from him! Oh well. Have I *EVER* mentioned how completely and totally opposites hubby and I are? That's a whole OTHER post or two...or three...million.

Is anyone else out there in blogland married to their total opposite? Or maybe you USED to be married to someone that you had nothing in common with? No shared interests? If so, spill your guts. I wanna know how you either A) made it work or B) decided enough was enough! LOL You can always email me privately for that too if you'd rather not post all that here! LOLOL

Stay tuned for felted wool ball progress..............


Lavender Rose said...

Kim: He was, I was, we split forever, I'm so glad we did. 'nuff said!! :))
Love and hugs, from your devoted friend,

Melissa said...

Kim-the Spousal Unit and I have absolutely nothing in common, it's funny we have never shared the same interests at all. He's always put up with my exciting stitching life and I put up with is Raider/Cubs fetish, throw in softball three nights a week, and you'll see it's not been the easiest of marriages. If we lived in Oakland I'd be married to face painter. Our oldest son is named after Ryne Sandberg a former second baseman for the Chicago Cubs, the softball stopped a year or so ago when he got hurt and decided he couldn't risk his day job with a softball injury. Way back when I was a horrible about his sports stuff, now I miss him playing softball three nights a week because that was three nights fewer I had to fight over the tv!But we genuinely like each other. I keep up with sports enough to talk to him and his friends intelligently and he shows everyone my stitching when they walk in the door.