Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Monday! Weekend Progress Report

Happy Monday! Is there really such a thing when you're stuck in a job that's not particularly creatively fulfulling? *sigh* Probably not, but I tell myself the current paycheck helps me afford my hobbies so then it's a LITTLE easier to stomach...but I tell you what...commercial insurance just isn't all that interesting to a creative spirit such as myself! :o)
In any event, it was a great weekend! For once it didn't seem to particularly fly by!!! Saturday was a leisurely day...spent a little time on the bullseye blocks. Sunday spent MORE time on the bullseye blocks (above) and have all 96 through the first "round" and now about half are through the second "round". It wouldn't be so time consuming except you go in and trim away from the backside on each block after each circle is sewn. I think the quilts will look old and least I hope so!
Then, last evening I finally pulled out Abigail Parish and worked a little bit on her. Not much, as you can see from my progress here. But a start is a start is a start! LOL
Tonight...I'm knitting. I *LOVE* knitting. Seriously...I'm completely infatuated with it right now. I've even been paring down the sampler stash because I just want to knit knit knit! So I've been listing some stitching stash on Ebay and have been drooling over yarns and such!

Today I got my K's Creations rug hooking frame. YAY! I can't wait to start a few rugs too! I'm seriously worried for my sampler stash, because I love wool and all things wool! LOL People that know me know I already have a nice start to my "WALL OF SAMPLERS" (say in a big booming movie-announcer voice), so I've really pared down to a select few samplers that I *MUST* stitch, and who says they have to be stitched NOW...or even this YEAR! I have plenty of time for knitting, and rug hooking, and quilting, and stitching. Oh yeah...and needlepoint. I picked up a cool Maggie & Co canvas for cheap cheap cheap. It's a Picasso style..kinda funky...I think it's cool. I'll post a pic when I get one taken of it. Of course this means I need to get fibers for the needlepoint canvas...and the needlepoint shop is right by the YARN shop! Oh glory ! LOL Thank goodness there's no needlework/cross stitch shop anywhere near here! Makes it easier to make do with the stash I have!

Man...this is a rambling post! Time to say bye! BYE! Have a great week!


Katrina said...

Wow you have been busy. I do love your bullseye blocks, they are very mellow and old looking. Abigail Parrish is a gorgeous sampler.

Lavender Rose said...

Kim!!! I'm so happy to see your cheerful little creative creature self on the stitching road again!!
I'm with you...we should move in together and knit, needlepoint, cross stitch, quilt, rug hook, eat, read and never worry about what's going on in the outside world!! LOL
I'm happy to see you back at home and working on that adorable quilt.

Melissa said...

Kim!! You sound just like me, quilting, stitching, knitting(I love me some ball band warshrags, let me tell ya)and now with the rug hooking, I'm pondering punch needle! It's that CHS Mermaid Stocking. It's pulling me over to the dark side. Oh and I wish I could remember the blog I saw it on but someone hooked a mermaid rug. Heaven help me! Love your bullseye quilt blocks. Cross stitch is my absolute passion but since I have let go of trying to be Ms Perfect Quilter I'm really enjoying my Just Beachy quilt experience, I know it's heat and bond applique and that is so cheating but it's not supposed to be perfect and that is so liberating--and oh did I tell you a LQS had the Dear Jane software on sale for $25. I'm picking it up tomorrow. Greatest thing ever, next to the 20 1/2" quilters square...sheesh I should have just emailed you. LOL

Bruce said...

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Thank you!