Saturday, June 16, 2007


The felted wool balls are done! Notice Emmitt....ever inquisitive....checking them out. He's obviously admiring the funky colorations and the way all of the yummy dyed wool roving melded into fabulous color combos!

You'll note in the picture above.....the little guy took an immediate liking to the smallest of the bunch...the runt of the litter, if you will.....a lovely red and eggplant combination. Now, I thought I'd be a good momma and play fetch with Emmitt and his favorite wool ball. He loved retrieving and bringing it When we were finished, I put his fav' ball up on the table by my chair. You'll notice in the next photo...the photo of the lovely balls all nesting in their new home inside a pottery bowl....Emmitt's fav' is missing. That's because when I turned my back to go downstairs, he snatched it off the table and ripped into it! more lovely red and eggplant ball for Emmitt or for the pottery bowl! :o)

Stay tuned....I've taken all the leftover dyed wool roving and made one big huge ball that I'm going to slice in two to make a couple pincushions...if it remains a size large enough to cut in two! I'll post pics when it's done. Then my wool roving felted ball days are behind me and I can move on with no leftovers in the quilt room! YAY! Happy Saturday!


Melissa said...

Kim--those felted balls are so cool! How did you make them? Did you just roll the roving in a ball and felt them like that?

Speaking of the spouses not understanding the whole "I'll make it to put in a bowl" that was the same response I got when telling the Spousal Unit I wanted to cross stitch some Prairie Schooler eggs and put them in a bowl on the kitchen table. He didn't get it but he did ask if the bowl would sit on top of the laundry in the middle of the kitchen table or would I just pile the laundry up around it? Funny not!

Kim said...

Hey Melissa! Too funny on the "bowl on top of the laundry pile" thing! LOL And yep...I hopped on ebay and purchased wool roving...plain for the centers and then wrapped it in dyed wool. Snuggled them in a pair of pantyhose and washed them in hot water. I found a link online how to do it. I just love them! Just WAIT until I post a pic of the pincushions I made with the leftover dyed wools! LOVE them! BTW..THANKS TONS for the relocation packet!!! We're poring over it all! :o)