Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Almost the weekend again!!!

*WHEW*!!! Almost made it through another's almost the weekend! It's been a crazy and busy week in commercial insurance. Fun times? I think NOT!!! I can't wait for the weekend again! :o)

Here's some more pics of my wool roving projects from last weekend! This is my leftover wool roving "egg"

Lovely don't you think? ha! A little plain and fuzzy perhaps.......but then I sliced it in half and sliced a little bit off each end and this is what I found.....These are the "bottoms" of the pincushions...........


Do you not love them!?? I just was THRILLED with all that glorious saturated RED RED RED and the other funky colors. But was THRILLED with the RED!!! I once purchased a similar style pincushion at a quilt show a few years was okay....but rather plain in these are so much more up my alley!!! And the best more wool roving! This and the felted wool balls used up ALL of it!!! Now, granted, I may be so inclined to purchase some more to make MORE pincushions and balls, but it's one of those things that I really don't want piling up in the sewing room! I have enough in there already! So last weekend with the wool roving was a success!

Upcoming weekend plans include cutting apart the Bullseye quilt blocks and starting to sew them back together again.....and of course the standard house cleaning, errand-running, and hopefully I'll also squeeze in some knitting...or maybe some crocheting...I have a cool pattern for felted slippers and they're crocheted instead of knitted....but you can't tell once they're quilted anyway! So I may start on those as well. We'll see!

Okay---the eyes are saying time to drift off to TECHNOCOLOR no less...with lots of RED!!!! :o) Sweet dreams!

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Melissa said...

Kim-I love, love, love those pin cushions!!! What a great project.

Glad the package arrived. Hope you can make sense of all those books and properties. If there's an area you want to know more about, just LMK and I'll be glad to do the legwork for you.

When we moved down here almost ten years ago or maybe eleven this July 4th, we moved into an apartment we had never seen before. Took a huge risk but we've never looked back and even in our advanced years...uh, over 40, we'd do it again in a heartbeat.