Friday, May 18, 2007

TGIF!!!! What a week!

And what a way to end the week. It was an AWESOME day! :o) Now, mind you, I can not say that honestly about the first part of the week. I was back to work on Tuesday and was a bawling mess....and just when I think I had myself pulled together, some well-wishing coworker would come up and hug me and say how sorry they were about dad and I'd start bawling again! And when I would TRY to get it together, they'd just hug me more and say "Oh honey just's okay...just cry." *SIGH* Okay....people....I'm at WORK...the a professional (somewhat) capacity....I don't need to sit and bawl at my desk! LOL But the well wishes were very nice and everyone was so sincere and still it was a sucky week because I just wanted to crawl into a ball in my bed and not get up and not go to work every day, but I made myself.....I did. And paid off with a perfect day....perfect weather....a great mood...sushi for lunch......enjoying a glass of merlot with a mediterranean pizza....and no crying! :o) I've actually been in a GOOD mood today AND I even actually talked to people about dad and the whole experience and I didn't lose it ONCE! Not once! :o))) You have no idea how great that is! :o) Or maybe you do? we are on the verge of the weekend....I'm going to repot the two peace lilies I brought home from Ohio....and I also have a lovely mixed houseplant basket to replant. Outside needs flowers too...more flowers I should say! So I'll be diggin' in dirt at some point!

I hope to work on the two Bullseye quilts I have fabric laid out least get some of it cut out. And then my buddy ol' pal, Twyla, who owns a lovely quilt shop outside of town (Quilted Memories in Brandon) emailed me at work (the shame!) to torture me by telling me she just got in the Hattiesburg collection by Jo Morton and that it was LUSCIOUS and I need to come see her. DAMN YOU TWYLA! LOLOLOLOL I'm a sucker for Jo Morton!

Off I go to refill the wine glass. Can't let that vino go to waste ya know!

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Jeanne said...

Kim please post some pics of your bullseye quilts. Some of my friends did Halloween ones a few years ago - I didn't participate because I wasn't that wild about them. Then in March at a quilting retreat someone was making one in pink & brown vintage-style fabrics. It was gorgeous! Now I want to make one (like I have time ha ha!)