Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh man...I *HATE* when that happens!

I got up this morning thinking "Oh thank goodness it's Friday! Yeah! Time for the weekend! This is going to be a great day!" and then it hit me....alas, tis only THURSDAY! LOL But that's was still a great day and now I can look forward to TOMORROW! :o)

Nothing much new going on in my corner of the world. Still getting through each day. Seems nights are the worst.....because when I would climb into bed, I always said a prayer for dad, and now I still find myself doing that, but then I just cry. Because I don't know how I'm going to get through without ever hearing his voice again. :o( But I realize my prayers were answered, because he's not in pain anymore. So now I suppose I'm just crying for myself. It's still hard. I don't know what I'm going to do now when I need some sage advice. Dad was always great at listening and saying just the right thing----not necessarily what I always *WANTED* to hear----but he always made perfect sense. *sigh* What's a girl to do? *sigh* Pray more I suppose!

I think I'll focus on the bullseye quilt this coming weekend. The circles are all cut and it's ready for some serious sewing time! That always helps to crank the tunes up nice and loud and sew...and if I feel like crying while I sew, I don't think anyone would mind. Do you? :o)
I leave you with a parting photo---this is the quilts stacked on display in the living room. I just love the mix of all the colors and patterns!
Happy Thursday to everyone!


Katrina said...

{{{hugs}}}} Love the quilts, reminds me of my grandmother. She made amazing quilts :-).

Lavender Rose said...

Kim, I hear you about your daddy. I find myself saying, "Hi, Daddy," several days, and feeling sad in my heart...I'm sure Katrina does too. We're the three that most recently feel the loss or fear of loss (in Katrina's case) of our dads. Keep looking up and keep noticing the comforts around you, Kim. We care about you!