Sunday, May 13, 2007

Home Again and Life Goes On

It's so great to be back home! That was a looooooooooooooong 3 weeks back in Ohio. As I cleaned up around the house (you can only IMAGINE what I came home to after 3 weeks with hubby and son alone! ha!)...I took comfort in knowing that Dad is no longer in pain. As I watered the plants and planted flowers in the front flower bed, I reassured myself that all is well and life does indeed go on. That's evident all around me.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers!

In needlework news, I must say I became the dishrag queen while I was gone! LOL I knitted 9 diagonal dishrags and brought home ZERO! LOL Everyone wanted one, so now I have to start all over! Good news is I think I have this knitting thing down pretty good. Mind you, I'm not ready to delve into a sweater or socks just yet, but I don't need to look at a pattern, etc to knit dishrags! So I pat myself on the back for that! LOL

Wednesday evening, as I sat in the Super 8 in Peoria (Have I ever mentioned how much I've grown to love Peoria on my travels back home? I do! I love Peoria! ) I sat in Peoria for the night, I began another sampler. Abigail Parrish. I'm excited, as I've had this in the stash for quite some time, and with the verse, I thought it only fitting to begin that sampler at this stage of life. So I have a miniscule part of it done and it felt great to get back to stitching!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! :o)


Katrina said...

Lots of good thoughts and prayers! Those glimpses of normalcy are important.

Can't wait to see your Abigail Parrish progress.

Lavender Rose said...

I like what I'm reading! :)) Give us a glimpse of Abigail, pleeze.
Love and hugs,