Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Saturday! What to do...what to do!

Well Happy Saturday! And it's a LOOOONG weekend! I LOVE that! Trying to decide how to spend my time. Difficult task! :o)
Jake left this morning on a plane bound for Disney...for 2 weeks...with some friends of ours. He'll have a blast. But then that leaves a HUGE hole here at home for two weeks. EGADS! A house without any kids!? What's a mom to do??? Hmmmm....spoil the dogs perhaps!?

Emmitt & Sam are already so spoiled. Here's photographic proof!
Emmitt is obviously bored, as you can see! He's so funny.
Sleeping on the back sofa cushions. He's had his summer haircut...doesn't he look cute?
And then here's Sam...noble as he can be. He's such a good dog. So quiet and loving. A wonderful guy!

This morning I've been knitting....I tell you what...even though I've only ever knitted dishcloths...I LOVE knitting! I'm almost ready to delve into a big tote bag! I've had some yummy red tweed like wool yarn and the bag pattern for several years knowing some day I would learn to knit!

And the time is almost here! YAY!!!

Here's a pic of my latest dishrag...I love this funky! So that's how I've been spending my morning.

Last night I did go downstairs and cut some more squares for the two bullseye quilts I'll be making. And yes, I'll be sure to post progress...when I have some to show! ha! The last one I made, I used reproduction fabrics and it looked so mellow and old. This one...I'm just pulling stash, though my quilting stash is probably mostly reproductions and civil wars...I'm also a huge Brannock & Patek fabric we'll see how these turn out! I always go for the old look in hopefully this will be no exception!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long Memorial Day weekend. I'll certainly be remembering Dad and others this weekend. It's been a good week for the most part....remembering happy times growing up with Dad....bittersweet...but I haven't had any big major meltdowns or anything even remotedly I guess that's good. Life surely does go on.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Katrina said...

What sweet puppies! I am sure your dad would want you to think happy thoughts of him. I can't imagine how much you must miss him.