Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Homecoming is funny sometimes....

Well, I'm back from my short trip to visit Dad! He had a good day...and a not so good day due to nausea...but all in all, he was so happy that we were all there hanging out for the weekend!

Something funny about going home though....people had apparently talked about my coming home this weekend...how they haven't seen me since 1983......when we graduated, though I have been back on several occasions since then! Driving through town (and it's a SMALL town), driving past the school (I LOVED school...absolutely LOVED it) and memories come back about Kim Barnhart at Greenfield McClain High School (Go Tigers)...and driving around town and not seeing a single familiar face...it was very odd. Spending time driving past old childhood haunts and home....it was a bittersweet trip actually. At times, it seems the place hasn't changed a bit...but obviously it has...if only a little.

It was very relaxing being at dad's out in the country...just hanging out and visiting with family. Jake had fun meeting up with his cousins...and we all lamented about how it would be wonderful if we all lived closer. But that's not what life has dealt us this hand. And so we made the most of our time together and promised to get together more often.

Funny..when I was Kim Barnhart in 1983, I never ever thought I would miss little ol' Greenfield Ohio one little bit when I left! Guess that's the way it goes sometimes! I don't think I miss what is "today's Greenfield"...I think I sometimes miss 1983 Greenfield, though. C'est La Vie!

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Jeanne said...

Your school picture reminds me of my grammar school back in my hometown in Illinois. I know how you feel going back - over the past few years when I am back home I find myself driving by my old schools, friend's houses etc. It is weird seeing things not as you remember them anymore. Time passes on while you are gone.