Thursday, March 29, 2007

Adios Amigos!!

Getting ready to hit the sack and rest up before my 5:00am departure for the good ol' Buckeye State. I'm excited to see my dad and my two brothers! :o)) Jake and Emmitt and I are hitting the road....13 hour road trip. Should be fun! I've got knitting packed...a couple samplers...a couple smaller projects...never know what a creative gal is going to want to work on ya know! ;o)
I'll leave you with a photo of one of my favorite applique quilts from the recent Dallas quilt show!!! Darn! I should have packed a quilt project too!!! :o) *SIGH* Oh's only 3 days I'll be gone! LOL Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lazy Saturday!!

It's a lazy day today! Raining outside....temps in the 50s and the dogs are lazy!!! This is obvious based on the look on Emmitt's face!
WOW !! WOW !! WOW !!
That's all I can say about the quilts that hung in Dallas this year. They were AMAZING for the most part! Last year, it was okay, but THIS year...WOW!!! I took a TON of pictures, so, obviously I can't post them all here in my blog! But I did set up a Quilt Show album in my webshots, so if you want to wander on over to my albums...feel free....hit slideshow and enjoy!!

With the melting snow and now the rain....and the garden in the backyard......yeah....all that combined has INSTANTLY turned out bathroom into a dog washing station! UGH! Those dogs come in with their paws just caked with mud. So I'm constantly washing the bathroom rugs, etc. Note to self---dream house, or at least the next house, should have a mud room with a dog washing station in it!
This evening...I'm going with a girlfriend to "Tony & Tina's Wedding". Anyone ever attended this shindig?? So from what I know, it's an interactive comedy...and the people (like me and Jan) that go to see the comedy...are actually treated as wedding guests!! I don't know about this! LOL Hopefully it will be fun! I'll be sure and let you know!
I haven't done too much fun today. Grocery shopping....and I did bake some Chewy Brownie Cookies from a new cookbook I have. They're quite yummy and will be perfect at midnight with a glass of milk! ;o)
I need to go throw the aforementioned muddy rugs into the washer and maybe stitch a bit before I head off this evening for the comedy! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! Until tomorrow (or later).......

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Little Reality Escape Is Coming!!!

and I couldn't be happier!!!! You see....I'm leaving on a jet plane....on Thursday the buttcrack of dawn (why oh WHY did I book the early flight????).....and I'm heading down to the Big D! Dallas, Texas! To spend a long weekend with mom and we're heading to the Dallas Quilt Show!!!! YEEEEEHAW!!! ;o)

I need the inspiration! I need the break from reality.....I'll be back to reality soon enough when I road-trip it back to the ol' home state of Ohio to visit Dad and try to get his spirits back up. That will be a whole other post, I'm sure...but for now...............I'm looking forward to the Big D! REAL Mexican food.....Coronas....WARM sunshiney weather! Yeah baby! That's what I'm TAWKIN 'bout! ;o) A complete reality escape!

I've been dinking around in the sewing room, ahem....excuse me....the STOOOODio. ;o) And on a recent junking/antique outing I picked up an old glass lamp part and immediately thought of a weird sort of tassel! Here's the result! I had cut out a quilt using all of those great colorful Kaffe Fasset fabrics and couldn't BEAR to toss out the lovely pile of thin strips leftover. So I've been saving them....and HERE is my artsy-fartsy, probably still in need of some sort of flourish to finish it, tassel. What do you think? Should I keep rooting around for old lamp parts and crank these suckers out for resale? :o) NOT! I'm weird, I know, but I kinda like it...just need to finish it off....and yes...I's a LARGE tassel! LOL the days go by and I ponder life (yeah...having a cancer-stricken parent will do that to you) I do that...I again remind myself that life is just too damn short to spend it hating your job, hating where you live, etc. And every day I inch closer and closer to just taking the leap and leaving corporate America and just find some way to "freelance" my way through my days and enjoy life! It's a difficult decision...leaving such "comfort" ....such "security".....but every day I realize for my own sanity, my happiness, it's something I need to do! Sooooooooo......yeah. Is my hour up yet, oh wise therapist? LOLOL