Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mary Corey is finished....

and it's only November 12! YEAH!!!! Photographer I am please...bear with me on the horrid picture. Trust me...she's lovely on the 36ct vintage navy bean by Lakeside Linens. I used my own conversion of Hand Dyed Fibers ( and it's soft and muted and lovely, in my opinion of course! LOL

Now on to another one that I can complete by year's end.....I think I'll pull Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True and start that one today! With the intent of having it done by end of turkey day weekend! :o)

Emmitt has recuperated nicely from his marble-sack dissection. But now he's taken on a little limp...when he gets up from sleeping he has started to carry his hind leg. But then once he starts wrestling around with Sam (Golden Retriever/Lab mix)...he's fine. Vet thinks soft tissue injury, as he doesn't appear to be in any pain and you can completely manipulate and palpitate his knee and hip etc without so much of a wince from him. Soooo....he has a little skip about him. Hopefully nothing serious.

It's a gray overcast day here in South Dakota....hubby is out hunting ducks or pheasant or some other form of's on the TV and I'm preparing to start another project!'s grand!

Enjoy your Sunday!