Friday, November 24, 2006

Another one done!

Aaaaaah.........feels so good to have another project done! I finished Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True this morning! YEAH!!! I'll post a pic later. Gotta press it! That was a lovely quick stitch! Ya gotta love those huh? :o)

After I finished Be Kind & was out the door for a day of fun creative heck with the malls and the after turkey day sales.....and the crowds! I picked up my funky friend, know her from my previous posts......and we hit the needlework shop here in town, where they were having a trunk show of Melissa Shirley designs. I'm not big into needlepoint, but I have done a pillow or two, or three....and am always game for another fun and unique pillow design! Well...I picked up a handpainted Linda Carter Hollman canvas....SOOOOOOO artsy and colorful! I'll try and post a link to the site that shows the canvas I picked up! I didn't pick up any fibers for this beauty...yet. One thing at a thing at a time! This was a treat to myself for my recent promotion at work. All you needlepointers out handpainted canvas aficionados know this was not an inexpensive thing.....YIKES!!!!....but I said "Happy promotion to Kim" and picked it up anyway! Tis the season....ha!

After that money-drop....we headed out to Quilted Memories...a quaint and cute quilt shop about 10 minutes from here. Twyla is always a joy to visit with and the fabric selection did not disappoint. I picked up that great cool tumbling blocks print from Judy Rothermel's civil war line...LOOOOVE it! I'm just going to border it with an angled stripe and quilt that sucker! Let the print do the work! I also picked up a great book of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company patterns....and a few 1/3 cuts of more civil wars.

We then hit the local Dairy Queen.......where I proceeded to slooooowly torture myself with an Arctic Blast that I, for SOME stoooooooooooooopid reason, kept gulping....and then you get that excrutiating pain in your chest when all that shaved ice glops up and punishes you with a wincing pain that is nearly impossible to swallow down. But I just kept breathing deeply and eventually....the pain subsided. LOL I put it in the cupholder of the Santa Fe and didn't touch it until it was melted when I got home! THEN I enjoyed a nice cherry beverage that was previously the torturous artic blast !!! Live and learn...and then repeat. LOL

I've just started American Quaker Band Sampler by Scarlet Letter....doing my own conversion of threads that I have on hand...overdyeds. I'm hopeful it will be done by year's end. So then I will have completed 3 of the 4 smaller projects that I pulled not so long ago! Of course 4 out of 4 would have been wonderful....and it IS still November.....guess I better put this laptop away and get busy!

I hope everyone is enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lazy Sundays

Do you not just love lazy Sundays? I figured with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I may as well take advantage of a lazy day while I can! I'll make up the menu and grocery list this evening though....gotta pick up a turkey too.

I've been working on Be Kind & True and should have the alphabet finished in about an hour! ;o) Give or take a few. LOL

Here's a photo I took of Emmitt today. He's posing on my Kaffe Fasset et al prints quilt...I finally made the binding and sewed it on this morning. Now I just have to do the hand work. It's not a specific pattern....I just gathered all of my Kaffe prints, Amy Butlers, Martha Negleys, etc and pieced them into 1/2 square triangles and then just randomly sewed them together in no particular order or formation. I just love the way it turned out...very chintzy old English looking.

I hope your weekends were lazy and productive all at the same time! Take Care!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Blackbird Designs & Buckeyes!

Aaaaah....enjoying two of my favorite things on this Saturday afternoon! GO BUCKEYES!!!! OMG is this a great game or WHAT!?!?!? guessed it......I'm a Buckeye.......lived the first 21 years of my life in the great Buckeye State. And this is like a sacred holiday today!

In addition to watching THE game.....I'm working on Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True. LOVE this thing! As I do all Blackbird Designs samplers! And it's working up quite quickly! I feel pretty good about the idea of having it completed by the end of turkey day weekend! I'm on the alphabet already!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great needle-productive weekend! I'll post pictures another time.......take care!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mary Corey is finished....

and it's only November 12! YEAH!!!! Photographer I am please...bear with me on the horrid picture. Trust me...she's lovely on the 36ct vintage navy bean by Lakeside Linens. I used my own conversion of Hand Dyed Fibers ( and it's soft and muted and lovely, in my opinion of course! LOL

Now on to another one that I can complete by year's end.....I think I'll pull Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True and start that one today! With the intent of having it done by end of turkey day weekend! :o)

Emmitt has recuperated nicely from his marble-sack dissection. But now he's taken on a little limp...when he gets up from sleeping he has started to carry his hind leg. But then once he starts wrestling around with Sam (Golden Retriever/Lab mix)...he's fine. Vet thinks soft tissue injury, as he doesn't appear to be in any pain and you can completely manipulate and palpitate his knee and hip etc without so much of a wince from him. Soooo....he has a little skip about him. Hopefully nothing serious.

It's a gray overcast day here in South Dakota....hubby is out hunting ducks or pheasant or some other form of's on the TV and I'm preparing to start another project!'s grand!

Enjoy your Sunday!