Sunday, October 29, 2006

OH my!

Seems the last time I posted, I was lamenting over the fact that it was OCTOBER already! EEEEEK!!!! Guess what...NOW it's almost NOVEMBER! Oops...I've slipped in my resolve to update the blog more often!

Today is a lazy day....I have kitted up four "smallish" projects that I would like to have completed by the end of the year: Mary Corey, BlackBird Designs Be Kind & True, Moira Blackburn Green Tree Sampler and Scarlet Letter American Quaker Band Sampler. I hope I'm not off in la-la land somewhere thinking they can all actually be completed! I've decided to set aside Frances Eden and Mouline Rouge and try and get some things FINISHED before year end. Today I have started Mary Corey. I'll post a picture later this week so you can see my progress!

On New Year's Day, I'm planning to start the SDW sampler (Scarlet Letter) with my dear dear friend, Paulette. I'm not sure what ELSE I'll start on New Year's Day...but I'm guessing there will be something else to begin for 2007! Mid November I will be starting Paulette's wonderful Seven Days sampler...looking forward to that one!

Poor little Emmitt had "major" (HA!) surgery Thursday and is finally getting sloooooooowly back to normal! They had to perform an abdominal crypt AND an inguinal crypt laproscopic neuter. Poor thing. We were lovingly referring to him as the UniBaller, as only one ended up where it was supposed to be...the other took a while to find...but finally three incisions later, it was located and removed. Poor thing. I'm sure he'll be back good as new in no time!

Time to rethread my needle and get busy on Mary again! Rethread YOUR needle and I'll catch up with everyone later!


The Queen's Stitch said...

Hello, I am new reading your blog. Your Emmitt is just too cute!

What is Mary Corey? You have an ambitious list of new projects - I love it!

Kim said...

Oh too funny! I was just reading *YOUR* blog! LOL Mary Corey is a small Adam & Eve sampler by Threads of Gold. Hoping it will be a quick finish! OMG I just love your 50 list! WOW! We have similar taste I see! :o)

Jeanne said...

Your Strawberry Garden turned out beautiful Kim! Hope Emmitt is doing better now - I remember when you first posted about him on Legacy when you got him. He's just too cute and I love his name.