Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Long Labor Day Weekend! YES!!!!

I absolutely LOVE loooooooooooong holiday weekends! And this one has been fabulous because it's been chilly....and rainy....with sun peeking thru from time to time....just in time to save your sanity. I love these kind of weekends!

I've been working on my Frances Eden sampler...have moved on to page 3 of 6. Almost half done! YEAH!

I have bread dough rising...decided to go back in time and make some bread the old-fashioned pounding and pounding and beating the dough to death...working out all my frustrations in the process. LOL

It feels great to know it's only SUNDAY! Which means I have a whole entire 'nother day of doing just whatever happens to catch my fancy! :o) Perhaps I'll cut out a quilt....I don't have one in the works, which is odd. Well...I take that back....I DO have Birdsong by Jan Patek all cut out waiting for the hand applique to begin. But I seem to always pick up "Fran" when it comes time for handwork. But...alas...the weekend is still young...kinda! :o)

Thanks for everyone who let me know about Blogrolling! We'll see if it works!

I'll post progress pics of Fran soon! I hope your needles are smokin' and you're enjoying the long weekend! Take care!

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