Sunday, August 27, 2006

Once again..

I find that I've been neglecting my blog! So I'm back now.....with nothing much to write about! Just the same ol' care of family and home. Haven't been doing much quilting or stitching. I hate when that happens!

Today I'm trying to get my blog organized and would TRULY appreciate it if someone would answer this silly question. How in the WORLD do I put a list of blogs I frequent in the column of my blog??? If you know how to do this, and I'm sure there are a TON of you out there that DO know how, then when you're finished guffawing at my blogging inability, could you please post a comment and let me know what I need to do to make this list part of my blog? I would appreciate it a TON! :o)



Karoline said...

The tool that a lot of people use for the lists of blogs is Blogrolling then you only have to add some code they give you to your template, rather than manually changing it. HTH

Leah said...

I use blogrolling too. It's very easy and very convenient.

Barbara said...

Yep, another blogroller here. It's waaaayyyy easier to maintain than meddling around in your template every time you want to change something, and it's free. ;)