Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a SHORT summer!

Brrrrrr! It's downright CHILLY here today! 50s....perfect chili weather....but I'm all confused because there's no football on TV! UGH! What happened to summer!!?!? Poof! Gone! Although the weatherman assures us it will return----someday! If only my newly experienced private summers will pass as quickly! Now THAT would be awesome! Can I get an Amen Sista? LOL the past week I've painted the living room....a great color called Band of the sunlight it looks mucky gold....when the sun turns a weird sagey green.....or as Ashley, my 21 year old daughter looks like split pea soup! I LOVE it! We're also furniture shopping and getting ready for new carpet to be installed. That means sweet Emmitt better hurry with his training!

Speaking of Emmitt...he's doing fine....what a momma's boy! But that's what I wanted! :o) Here's his latest pic taken in the sewing room of the basement.......where we spent much of the day assembling and finishing piecing my latest quilt...not sure what to call it.....I've been calling it the Garden Quilt....because of the print. Nothing special...just a quick piecer. :o)

Hubby's watching hockey....and I'm piping the latest MercyMe cd into my brain via the headphones attached to my head. Have I ever mentioned how much I love MercyMe? MercyMe...Third Day...yeah...uh-huh.....awesome uplifting music! I can always use that!

Okay...enough is enough! I'm going to go stitch and enjoy some tunes! I hope your needles are plying some sort of fabric and giving you joy! Until next time.......

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Joanie said...

Emitt is such a cutey! And yes, summer in upstate NY was just a weekend back in May. Cold and rainy here. My garden loves it though!

MercyMe, Third Day are some of my fav bands too!