Monday, May 01, 2006

Reality struck.....

and knocked me flat...but I got right back up! Stash reality, that is! Now I know all of you die-hard threadheads no of what I'm about to speak!

Last night...I had the "BRILLIANT" idea of going downstairs and emptying out my basket of lovely sampler charts....then I took my pile of linens....and matched linens to samplers, cut out the proper size of linen and slipped it ever so gently into the sampler chart packs. Now, this seemed like a brilliant idea, because now all's I have to do is pull threads and I'm ready to stitch!

The PROBLEM arose when I decided to actually COUNT..yes, I said COUNT...the number of now kitted or mostly kitted samplers waiting to be stitched! I stopped counting at thirty-eight. THIRTY EIGHT! EGADS! 38!!! 3-8! I didn't want to go any further because then I would most certainly become despondent....worrying that I'll never stitch them all! And these are just samplers that I have the linen cut and matched up with. This doesn't even take into account all of the other charts I didn't even pull out! Good thing I ran out of linen stash...otherwise I would be in deep despair if I added MORE to the "Definitely Waiting To Be Stitched" pile!

Oh, but alas....all's it took was a phone call from my dear friend, Bev, who's a young 71 if there ever was a young 71!!! She's such a funky spunky lady! A quilter, extremely accomplished knitter, furniture reupholsterer, occassional needlepointer and avid petit-point stitcher! You gotta love Bev! Anyhooo....Bev called whilst I was amid the charts and linens, etc and I started rambling off to her all the samplers I have to stitch....and the lovely linens I was going to use, etc and then mentioned the new P Buckley Moss acquisitions from my weekend eBay foray! She laughed and said " certainly have a LOT you want to stitch don't you?" and then she very quickly followed it with "but you're still have all KINDS of time to stitch those and then some!" Yep---you gotta love Bev!

Sooo...the reality is that I'm up to my hair follicles in kitted projects and am ecstatic about it! I'm not going to feel guilty about it....I'm going to REVEL in the fact that I'm going to have so many fabulous samplers to admire when I'm funky and 71! Maybe by then, I'll have become an accomplished knitter too!!! many many thread-related hobbies!!! Ain't life grand!? :o)


Melissa said...

A few weeks ago I started trying to match charts with fabrics I had in the stash, every piece was too small! Only by an inch or two but just enough that framing might be difficult. Glad your experience was successful!

Joanie said...

You go girl! I did that a few months ago and really got depressed about my gluttony. But fellow stitchers brought me back to reality by reminding me that stitching is still cheaper than therapy! LOL!!! I'm with Bev, we will have great pieces stitched when we are funky and 71!!