Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who says a defective washer is a BAD thing?

I actually attribute my productiveness this weekend to our aging and defective Kenmore! You see, it's decided that it wants to stick during the first spin cycle and spin and spin and spin and not proceed to the next cycle! either have to actually REMEMBER to go downstairs after about 25 minutes and manually move the thing to the next cycle, which tends to be a problem for me lately...the remembering part anyway.....OR you can choose to babysit the washer for 25 minutes. Now the PLUS side is that my sewing room is right by the laundry room! So this weekend, I chose to babysit the washer each time I started a load! I actually got an entire quilt cut out and this evening finished sewing all of my strip sets! It's a great windmill pattern using all Kaffe Fasset prints and stripes! YUM! When I have some blocks put together, I'll post a pic.

I also did venture upstairs this weekend and actually started a new project (like I NEEDED to do that!). But I couldn't HELP it! It's so darn fun starting stuff! And this one I will actually have a hard time putting down until it's finished! I started the Frances Eden sampler by Handwork. LOVE this thing! I'm using 32ct antique ivory linen and the charted DMC threads and the colors are just wowing me! Here's my progress since Friday...

Well, back to reality tomorrow that is 8 to 5. Until next time....keep the needles threaded!

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