Sunday, December 24, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's Christmas weekend and I wanted to take this time to wish everyone out there who might stumble across this blog a very Merry Christmas! I hope the season brings you peace and everything good!

I have 5 more gifts to wrap, and then I'm officially finished! There will be no late-night Christmas Eve wrapping for me this year! It's a bittersweet thing that my youngest, Jake, no longer really believes in Santa. The good part of that is I don't have to try and stay awake until he's sound asleep to sneak in all the Santa gifts. Still, it's a little sad to have that magical part of the holiday behind us. It's also nice, though, to have the kids really focus on the "reason for the season" as they say.

Yesterday, we put our middle child, Brennan, on a bus to Salt Lake City, where he has chosen to move to start his life over, so to speak. He's almost 21, and has had his struggles, and he was so excited to be moving and getting a fresh start. He has a buddy from here that is working at a ski resort in or near Brighton, and so the phone rang with the invite to move out there and snowboard, work, and all that other stuff that 20-something boys do and Brennan jumped on the chance. We had a little early Christmas with him on Thursday evening, and he boarded the Greyhound Friday. I'm happy for him, because he's so excited. He's rather a mama's boy (nothing wrong with that right?) and so this will probably be just what he needs to get that push to grow up and really try and do for himself. Merry Christmas, Brennan!

On the creative side, I've been doing mindless quilt binding, but it's gotta be done sooner or later! I hope to continue stitching on Scarlet Letter American Quaker Band sampler this weekend too!!! It would be sweet to get that sucker done by year's end! Lord only knows I have HUMONGOUS stitching plans for the new year, as well as numerous quilts, AND 2007 is the year I will become a full-fledged KNITTER! I'm so excited! I've piddled my way around knitting instruction books in the past and have made a few dishcloths....but I'm going to get serious about it and take a CLASS and really learn how to knit! It's gonna be GREAT! THINK of the yarn! OH MY! I can't wait!

I wish you and your family a VeRy MeRRy ChRIStmAS!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another one done!

Aaaaaah.........feels so good to have another project done! I finished Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True this morning! YEAH!!! I'll post a pic later. Gotta press it! That was a lovely quick stitch! Ya gotta love those huh? :o)

After I finished Be Kind & was out the door for a day of fun creative heck with the malls and the after turkey day sales.....and the crowds! I picked up my funky friend, know her from my previous posts......and we hit the needlework shop here in town, where they were having a trunk show of Melissa Shirley designs. I'm not big into needlepoint, but I have done a pillow or two, or three....and am always game for another fun and unique pillow design! Well...I picked up a handpainted Linda Carter Hollman canvas....SOOOOOOO artsy and colorful! I'll try and post a link to the site that shows the canvas I picked up! I didn't pick up any fibers for this beauty...yet. One thing at a thing at a time! This was a treat to myself for my recent promotion at work. All you needlepointers out handpainted canvas aficionados know this was not an inexpensive thing.....YIKES!!!!....but I said "Happy promotion to Kim" and picked it up anyway! Tis the season....ha!

After that money-drop....we headed out to Quilted Memories...a quaint and cute quilt shop about 10 minutes from here. Twyla is always a joy to visit with and the fabric selection did not disappoint. I picked up that great cool tumbling blocks print from Judy Rothermel's civil war line...LOOOOVE it! I'm just going to border it with an angled stripe and quilt that sucker! Let the print do the work! I also picked up a great book of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company patterns....and a few 1/3 cuts of more civil wars.

We then hit the local Dairy Queen.......where I proceeded to slooooowly torture myself with an Arctic Blast that I, for SOME stoooooooooooooopid reason, kept gulping....and then you get that excrutiating pain in your chest when all that shaved ice glops up and punishes you with a wincing pain that is nearly impossible to swallow down. But I just kept breathing deeply and eventually....the pain subsided. LOL I put it in the cupholder of the Santa Fe and didn't touch it until it was melted when I got home! THEN I enjoyed a nice cherry beverage that was previously the torturous artic blast !!! Live and learn...and then repeat. LOL

I've just started American Quaker Band Sampler by Scarlet Letter....doing my own conversion of threads that I have on hand...overdyeds. I'm hopeful it will be done by year's end. So then I will have completed 3 of the 4 smaller projects that I pulled not so long ago! Of course 4 out of 4 would have been wonderful....and it IS still November.....guess I better put this laptop away and get busy!

I hope everyone is enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lazy Sundays

Do you not just love lazy Sundays? I figured with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I may as well take advantage of a lazy day while I can! I'll make up the menu and grocery list this evening though....gotta pick up a turkey too.

I've been working on Be Kind & True and should have the alphabet finished in about an hour! ;o) Give or take a few. LOL

Here's a photo I took of Emmitt today. He's posing on my Kaffe Fasset et al prints quilt...I finally made the binding and sewed it on this morning. Now I just have to do the hand work. It's not a specific pattern....I just gathered all of my Kaffe prints, Amy Butlers, Martha Negleys, etc and pieced them into 1/2 square triangles and then just randomly sewed them together in no particular order or formation. I just love the way it turned out...very chintzy old English looking.

I hope your weekends were lazy and productive all at the same time! Take Care!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Blackbird Designs & Buckeyes!

Aaaaah....enjoying two of my favorite things on this Saturday afternoon! GO BUCKEYES!!!! OMG is this a great game or WHAT!?!?!? guessed it......I'm a Buckeye.......lived the first 21 years of my life in the great Buckeye State. And this is like a sacred holiday today!

In addition to watching THE game.....I'm working on Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True. LOVE this thing! As I do all Blackbird Designs samplers! And it's working up quite quickly! I feel pretty good about the idea of having it completed by the end of turkey day weekend! I'm on the alphabet already!

I hope everyone is enjoying a great needle-productive weekend! I'll post pictures another time.......take care!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mary Corey is finished....

and it's only November 12! YEAH!!!! Photographer I am please...bear with me on the horrid picture. Trust me...she's lovely on the 36ct vintage navy bean by Lakeside Linens. I used my own conversion of Hand Dyed Fibers ( and it's soft and muted and lovely, in my opinion of course! LOL

Now on to another one that I can complete by year's end.....I think I'll pull Blackbird Designs Be Kind & True and start that one today! With the intent of having it done by end of turkey day weekend! :o)

Emmitt has recuperated nicely from his marble-sack dissection. But now he's taken on a little limp...when he gets up from sleeping he has started to carry his hind leg. But then once he starts wrestling around with Sam (Golden Retriever/Lab mix)...he's fine. Vet thinks soft tissue injury, as he doesn't appear to be in any pain and you can completely manipulate and palpitate his knee and hip etc without so much of a wince from him. Soooo....he has a little skip about him. Hopefully nothing serious.

It's a gray overcast day here in South Dakota....hubby is out hunting ducks or pheasant or some other form of's on the TV and I'm preparing to start another project!'s grand!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

OH my!

Seems the last time I posted, I was lamenting over the fact that it was OCTOBER already! EEEEEK!!!! Guess what...NOW it's almost NOVEMBER! Oops...I've slipped in my resolve to update the blog more often!

Today is a lazy day....I have kitted up four "smallish" projects that I would like to have completed by the end of the year: Mary Corey, BlackBird Designs Be Kind & True, Moira Blackburn Green Tree Sampler and Scarlet Letter American Quaker Band Sampler. I hope I'm not off in la-la land somewhere thinking they can all actually be completed! I've decided to set aside Frances Eden and Mouline Rouge and try and get some things FINISHED before year end. Today I have started Mary Corey. I'll post a picture later this week so you can see my progress!

On New Year's Day, I'm planning to start the SDW sampler (Scarlet Letter) with my dear dear friend, Paulette. I'm not sure what ELSE I'll start on New Year's Day...but I'm guessing there will be something else to begin for 2007! Mid November I will be starting Paulette's wonderful Seven Days sampler...looking forward to that one!

Poor little Emmitt had "major" (HA!) surgery Thursday and is finally getting sloooooooowly back to normal! They had to perform an abdominal crypt AND an inguinal crypt laproscopic neuter. Poor thing. We were lovingly referring to him as the UniBaller, as only one ended up where it was supposed to be...the other took a while to find...but finally three incisions later, it was located and removed. Poor thing. I'm sure he'll be back good as new in no time!

Time to rethread my needle and get busy on Mary again! Rethread YOUR needle and I'll catch up with everyone later!

Monday, October 02, 2006


EEEEEEEEEEEK! Can you beLIEVE it's OCTOBER??? I can't! Man...where did the year go! There's LEAVES on the ground! WHEN did THAT happen? When did they even BUD? WHEN did the crabapple tree in the front yard bloom? I MISSED IT! Oh well...good thing autumn is my most favorite time of the year! Sweater weather! Ya gotta love that!

I've been stitching just a's been hit & miss lately. But I did finally take a picture of my Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs! Here it is! I can't WAIT to hit some of my favorite jaunts to find the perfect old black frame for it!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Emmitt's First Haircut!

And isn't he just SO CUTE! Sorry----I'm very partial and unbiased in my opinion...but I do so love this dog! Emmitt has his very first haircut today at the groomers. She said he was SUCH a good boy that it only took her 45 minutes to do what usually takes almost 2 hours! I'm such a proud mama!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Definite chill is in the air! YEAH!!!! I LOVE Autumn! LOVE it! More than summer I think! As I sit here, the weatherman is saying "Frost Warning" for tonight. :o) Definitely time for a trip to the orchard and pumpkin patch! Maybe this coming weekend. in stitching world is that I finished Blackbird Designs Strawberry Garden this past weekend! :o) I don't have a pic just yet. Son Jake drained the batteries in my camera taking self-portraits the other day. But as soon as I pick some more up, I'll get that one all pressed and take a picture. Since that one is complete, I did pick Fran back up, if only for a short while.

Nothing much new on the homefront, but I did want to keep this updated a bit!

Until next time...........

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Long Labor Day Weekend! YES!!!!

I absolutely LOVE loooooooooooong holiday weekends! And this one has been fabulous because it's been chilly....and rainy....with sun peeking thru from time to time....just in time to save your sanity. I love these kind of weekends!

I've been working on my Frances Eden sampler...have moved on to page 3 of 6. Almost half done! YEAH!

I have bread dough rising...decided to go back in time and make some bread the old-fashioned pounding and pounding and beating the dough to death...working out all my frustrations in the process. LOL

It feels great to know it's only SUNDAY! Which means I have a whole entire 'nother day of doing just whatever happens to catch my fancy! :o) Perhaps I'll cut out a quilt....I don't have one in the works, which is odd. Well...I take that back....I DO have Birdsong by Jan Patek all cut out waiting for the hand applique to begin. But I seem to always pick up "Fran" when it comes time for handwork. But...alas...the weekend is still young...kinda! :o)

Thanks for everyone who let me know about Blogrolling! We'll see if it works!

I'll post progress pics of Fran soon! I hope your needles are smokin' and you're enjoying the long weekend! Take care!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Once again..

I find that I've been neglecting my blog! So I'm back now.....with nothing much to write about! Just the same ol' care of family and home. Haven't been doing much quilting or stitching. I hate when that happens!

Today I'm trying to get my blog organized and would TRULY appreciate it if someone would answer this silly question. How in the WORLD do I put a list of blogs I frequent in the column of my blog??? If you know how to do this, and I'm sure there are a TON of you out there that DO know how, then when you're finished guffawing at my blogging inability, could you please post a comment and let me know what I need to do to make this list part of my blog? I would appreciate it a TON! :o)


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Has it really been THAT long since I blogged? Hmph....well....forgive me! I've been busy! ha!

Seriously, I was busy this weekend.....I purchased a new bookcase....assembled it (all by myself.....I am WOMAN...hear me ROAR!)...and then I continued to gut my quilting room. I dumped out every storage tote that was holding fabric...and organized it on the new shelves! It looks lovely...but 'tis a constant reminder that I have too much fabric! LOL Like THAT will stop me! :o) These are a couple "in progress" pictures. I'm ALMOST finished down there. UGH!

In the meantime, we finally got a little bit of rain yesterday....and we're hoping for more tomorrow. Along with scorching heat. And you probably thought it was always COLD in South Dakota. HA! A few hours from us, it was 120 the other day....hottest in the nation. That's ridiculously warm!

Okay...this will serve as my blog for the day...and I promise to keep up on it more frequently!

Until next time....keep those needles smokin'!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

At the end of another weekend...

they go so FAST! UGH! But...reality's back to work tomorrow. In the meantime, it was a productive weekend! I recently painted the living room and our carpet was installed I've spent the weekend slowly putting things back together--albeit in a different configuration...but that's a GOOD thing! I finally have my sampler wall...this is a picture of it. I already have my eye on an adjacent wall to this one, but have to get some more samplers framed before I take that over!

Otherwise, I haven't done much of anything creative.....that is NOT good! So I'm going to go down and start some laundry and cut out a quilt now and let hubby enjoy the rest of Father's Day with uninterrupted TV time!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a SHORT summer!

Brrrrrr! It's downright CHILLY here today! 50s....perfect chili weather....but I'm all confused because there's no football on TV! UGH! What happened to summer!!?!? Poof! Gone! Although the weatherman assures us it will return----someday! If only my newly experienced private summers will pass as quickly! Now THAT would be awesome! Can I get an Amen Sista? LOL the past week I've painted the living room....a great color called Band of the sunlight it looks mucky gold....when the sun turns a weird sagey green.....or as Ashley, my 21 year old daughter looks like split pea soup! I LOVE it! We're also furniture shopping and getting ready for new carpet to be installed. That means sweet Emmitt better hurry with his training!

Speaking of Emmitt...he's doing fine....what a momma's boy! But that's what I wanted! :o) Here's his latest pic taken in the sewing room of the basement.......where we spent much of the day assembling and finishing piecing my latest quilt...not sure what to call it.....I've been calling it the Garden Quilt....because of the print. Nothing special...just a quick piecer. :o)

Hubby's watching hockey....and I'm piping the latest MercyMe cd into my brain via the headphones attached to my head. Have I ever mentioned how much I love MercyMe? MercyMe...Third Day...yeah...uh-huh.....awesome uplifting music! I can always use that!

Okay...enough is enough! I'm going to go stitch and enjoy some tunes! I hope your needles are plying some sort of fabric and giving you joy! Until next time.......

Friday, May 19, 2006

Please meet EMMITT!!!

Emmitt will be joining our household on Thursday evening and I am just GIDDY with excitement! A new BAAAAABY!!!! Is he just not THE cutest thing you have ever seen!?!?!? He is a mini-schnoodle....his momma is a lovely salt-n-pepper miniature schnauzer...weighing in around 9 lbs and standing 10" to her shoulder. Dad is a 6 lb black little poodle standing 8" to his shoulder, so Emmitt's gonna be quite the little tyke!! I am just so excited to be adding him to the family!! I hope the cat likes him.....

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A productive weekend!

That's what I'd call this weekend! My other project is complete and all is well in my world! It was a fabulous Mother's Day....and I hope if the sentiment applies, that you, as well, had a marvelous day!

I had some quiet time and so completed my first Shepherds Bush project...Baby Bug Ball. Here's a pic! The vibrancy of the colors isn't showing up in this picture, but you get the idea!

Now on to the next new "small" project, which will be The Bear and the Bees by Prairie Schooler....sure to be a quick stitch! And also, here's to spending some time with a few of my WIPs---namely Frances Eden (for now)!

Until next time....................

Saturday, May 13, 2006

One weekend goal down...

and one more to go! I've finished my K&K Windmill quilt...made using those yummy Kaffe Fassett fabrics!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! And obviously Ellie the Cat does too. Silly girl...she always seems to gravitate to the dead center of whatever quilt I'm working on or have finished. When she's not basking in the glory of being at the center of attention...she's terrorizing the sewing room...waiting patiently until I have all my blocks laid out on the floor...then TEARING through the sewing room sending the blocks flying in every direction! This time, she waited for the finished project.

Now I'm off to try and finish up weekend goal finish my first Shepherds Bush stitch....Baby Bug Ball. I'm not a soft, sweet, pastel type of gal! Okay...I can be sweet....but not pastel-y! So I've been putting my own spin on this one....substituting some darker silks for the light ones and I'm not going to use the clay buttons and beads. I just loved the quirkiness of this whimsical little piece!

Okay--off I go to thread a needle...stay tuned for pics of the finished Baby Bug Ball!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Reality struck.....

and knocked me flat...but I got right back up! Stash reality, that is! Now I know all of you die-hard threadheads no of what I'm about to speak!

Last night...I had the "BRILLIANT" idea of going downstairs and emptying out my basket of lovely sampler charts....then I took my pile of linens....and matched linens to samplers, cut out the proper size of linen and slipped it ever so gently into the sampler chart packs. Now, this seemed like a brilliant idea, because now all's I have to do is pull threads and I'm ready to stitch!

The PROBLEM arose when I decided to actually COUNT..yes, I said COUNT...the number of now kitted or mostly kitted samplers waiting to be stitched! I stopped counting at thirty-eight. THIRTY EIGHT! EGADS! 38!!! 3-8! I didn't want to go any further because then I would most certainly become despondent....worrying that I'll never stitch them all! And these are just samplers that I have the linen cut and matched up with. This doesn't even take into account all of the other charts I didn't even pull out! Good thing I ran out of linen stash...otherwise I would be in deep despair if I added MORE to the "Definitely Waiting To Be Stitched" pile!

Oh, but alas....all's it took was a phone call from my dear friend, Bev, who's a young 71 if there ever was a young 71!!! She's such a funky spunky lady! A quilter, extremely accomplished knitter, furniture reupholsterer, occassional needlepointer and avid petit-point stitcher! You gotta love Bev! Anyhooo....Bev called whilst I was amid the charts and linens, etc and I started rambling off to her all the samplers I have to stitch....and the lovely linens I was going to use, etc and then mentioned the new P Buckley Moss acquisitions from my weekend eBay foray! She laughed and said " certainly have a LOT you want to stitch don't you?" and then she very quickly followed it with "but you're still have all KINDS of time to stitch those and then some!" Yep---you gotta love Bev!

Sooo...the reality is that I'm up to my hair follicles in kitted projects and am ecstatic about it! I'm not going to feel guilty about it....I'm going to REVEL in the fact that I'm going to have so many fabulous samplers to admire when I'm funky and 71! Maybe by then, I'll have become an accomplished knitter too!!! many many thread-related hobbies!!! Ain't life grand!? :o)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ALERT! ALERT! Golden Streak is in the house....

My lovely 35count golden streak linen from Marsha at Scarlet Letter has arrived! You know what *THAT* means......oh save me now......that means I MUST start another sampler...oh wait...but not just ANY sampler....but the GLORIOUS **ANN MEDD SAMPLER**!!! I shudder just thinking of it! You can see a picture of her on -- but be prepared to be mesmerized! Off I go to trim my lovely yard of linen and prepare to begin ANN. More later......

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just checkin' in!

It's been a crazy week or so....not tooooo much stitching done, but I will share with you my progress on "Fran" as I call her (The Frances Eden sampler).

I'm finished with the first page and have moved on to page 2! two has a MAMMOTHLY large house and so a good time to put it down and work on another work-in-progress. I think I may spend some more time with Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs. I've put a few stitches in and always love working their designs, so that'll be a nice break!

I'm also itchin' to finish the Kaffe windmill quilt I've got goin' AND I'm ready for some applique...good ol' needleturn applique! I'm planning to do Birdsong by Jan Patek. I've reduced the pattern down a bit though, so it will look loverly hanging on a wall rather than a bed! Here's a pic of the quilt:

I'll be sure and share my progress with you on this one. If you've never tried needleturn applique....I actually quite enjoy it! It's very easy and these primitive patterns are so forgiving! Jan Patek is one of my most favorite designers...I always love her stuff!

Well...looks like we're in for quite the storm tonight! Better go make sure the hatches are battened and flashlights are handy! Until next time......

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who says a defective washer is a BAD thing?

I actually attribute my productiveness this weekend to our aging and defective Kenmore! You see, it's decided that it wants to stick during the first spin cycle and spin and spin and spin and not proceed to the next cycle! either have to actually REMEMBER to go downstairs after about 25 minutes and manually move the thing to the next cycle, which tends to be a problem for me lately...the remembering part anyway.....OR you can choose to babysit the washer for 25 minutes. Now the PLUS side is that my sewing room is right by the laundry room! So this weekend, I chose to babysit the washer each time I started a load! I actually got an entire quilt cut out and this evening finished sewing all of my strip sets! It's a great windmill pattern using all Kaffe Fasset prints and stripes! YUM! When I have some blocks put together, I'll post a pic.

I also did venture upstairs this weekend and actually started a new project (like I NEEDED to do that!). But I couldn't HELP it! It's so darn fun starting stuff! And this one I will actually have a hard time putting down until it's finished! I started the Frances Eden sampler by Handwork. LOVE this thing! I'm using 32ct antique ivory linen and the charted DMC threads and the colors are just wowing me! Here's my progress since Friday...

Well, back to reality tomorrow that is 8 to 5. Until next time....keep the needles threaded!

Another hobby is a GOOD thing! Right?

I've decided to start and REGULARLY MAINTAIN a blog! And since I am a Threadhead in the ultimate sense of the word....what better title than Threadheads Unite! I would love to hear from other thread-obsessed people out there that love to Quilt, Cross Stitch, Knit, Needlepoint, etc! Those have been my obsession as long as I can remember. I remember being 7 years old and so darn excited when I got my pot holder weaving loom for Christmas! It was the BEST gift EVER! Can you relate? Those great colorful potholders that adorned mom's kitchen...even though they probably weren't her first choice in kitchen decor! Aaaaaah.....yes......the obession began early! What's your story? Stay tuned for updates on projects I'm working on and "OTHER" exciting ventures I plan to embark on! You won't want to miss it!