Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've had some wonderful yardage in my fabric stash for a while now. 
 It's from the Drawn Garden collection by Anna Maria Horner.  
I fell in love with it when I spied this quilt at the 
Dallas Quilt Show last year.  

Lucky for me, I was with Michelle, aka Cozy Egg, who immediately knew who the fabric designer was AND the name of the collection.  Clearly I was out of the loop!  I NEEDED this fabric in my life!
So the hunt was on, and I promptly landed 6 yards or so...ahem.....and it's been adorning a shelf for about a year!  

I've been pulling other fabrics out....pondering a pattern.....changing my mind...pulling out more fabrics....

Trying my old stand by favorite...the humble nine patch, in a couple different combos, 
but it just wasn't singing to me.

I loved the plaid and the burnt orange combo.....
but just couldn't really embrace it fully for whatever reason.  

I did realize that the plaid and orange nine patches 
REALLY prefer to live with this great 
Jo Morton print instead though!

So you'll be seeing that combo again!  
I dove into that repro stash and pulled out this great print from the 
Pennock Family Album collection (Windham Fabrics), 
thinking it might work well as a light print in a block.  
I thought they played nicely together!

 After staring at it off and on for a few days, it finally hit me.  Why do I need to introduce another fabric?
Why not just these two fabrics!  
I knew that I wanted to use the Drawn Garden print in a vertical fashion 
to showcase that long trail of roses.  
And this Windham print also works great vertically!
I was not going to argue with what the fabric was saying to me!  
Simplicity was key!
A column quilt was the answer!

I'm pleased to finally have this one sewn up into a quilt top!  And one that I really, really like!
I can't wait to get it quilted!

Simplicity was the answer!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

B I N G O ~ A Vintage Sign Project

My dear friend, Becca, recently built a new home!  Hooray for Becca!
It's a gorgeous abode and I'm so happy for her!
I wanted to make something for her as a housewarming gift,
and a painted sign was on my mind.  
But I wasn't sure exactly WHAT!  I was going to ask her what she thought her "word" was, but I didn't have to.  It came to me in a conversation with her.
Becca likes to say BINGO!  
When we converse and agree, she says "BINGO!"
Since we agree almost all the time, it's a word I hear from her often!  
So of course a BINGO sign was what it had to be!

The hubs is so handy, and happened to have some great boards out in the garage.
I measured out how long I wanted the sign, and he cut it to spec (36" x 7")!
He also rounded off the edges of the board so it was ready to go!

I used just regular craft paint from a big box hobby store,
and did a couple coats to cover the board.

Then I pulled out my handy dandy pack of stencils and drew out the letters!

Becca's home is NICE, so I didn't want something that looked really "crafty", if you know what I mean!
So I measured and marked and measured again.

 Once I was satisfied with the spacing, I started to paint the letters!

I didn't want it to look stenciled, so I painted the letters freehand with a brush,
instead of stenciling them.

Clearly not going for perfection here!

Now.  I'm going to admit that it was looking scary at this point,
and I thought there is no WAY I was going to give this thing to Becca and expect it to hang in her home!
But I trudged on and stuck to my vision!

BriWax to the rescue!
Are you familiar with this brilliant stuff?

 It's magic!  Magic, I tell ya!
I got some sheetrock sander things from that handy husband of mine and set to work!
I rubbed and distressed and sanded and did it again.
and again.
and again.

And after three coats of that glorious, magical BriWax,
it started to all come together!

There!  That's what I was hoping it would end up like!

A timeworn look!

B - I - N - G - O

Now to get over to Becca's new abode and see it in it's new space,
wherever that may be!

All because Becca says BINGO!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Miss Pia Knew

Yesterday, I walked by one of the bedrooms and noticed that Miss Pia
had been messing with the window blinds.
I stopped and went to fix them,
and noticed this!

 I hadn't even realized that the roses were in full bloom out front!
Miss Pia obviously knew and wanted to gaze at their beauty!
Who could blame her!?

I decided to head outside and take a look around the yard,
and there was beauty everywhere!

I couldn't stop with the pictures!
Mother Nature provided so much beautiful color to an otherwise
overcast day!
We are so fortunate that someone that came before us here did a wonderful
job of landscaping!

The sun is out today, which sheds a whole new light on all the things!

I hope your weekend is filled with color, sunshine and all the things!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Answer, My Friend....

is blowing in the wind!  The answer is blowing in the wind!

And so is the pollen!

 This time of the year, lots of people here in North Texas drive vehicles 
with a neon yellow or chartreuse hue!  The pollen coats everything!
When the wind blows, it ends up in puddles on our front porch!

Also blowing in the wind....

My latest quilt top!  I hadn't gotten around to getting pics of this,
and obviously the day I chose to try outside, it was windy!  But oh well.  You get the idea!
I used indigo prints from Minick & Simpson, as well as other Moda blues and a great dark navy pindot.  Miscellaneous shirtings and tans were used, as well as two different alternating fabrics
that were not quite pink.  More of a pinkish red!
It ended up being about 68" x 73".  Perfect for naps or at the foot of a bed.

I opened up a tote and found this yardage for the backing!

A bit unexpected maybe?  There's not a speck of blue in it, 
but I really love this fabric and I think it will be great to have it in it's full glory as a 
quilt back.
I bought this print from the sale shelves about 7 years ago 
here in Texas!  Cabbage Rose in Fort Worth, to be exact, when I was here for a visit.
Finally.....I've found a use for it!

This one I may quilt myself.  
I say that, and then quickly remind myself that the stack of quilts that I plan to quilt myself is getting bigger and bigger.  Maybe I should think about actually DOING THAT one of these days!
I'm certain I'll have a finishing spurt one of these days....
It's been so long since I've turned a quilt binding!  
I need to make it a priority! 

I'll leave you today with a taste of spring blooms!

I do love this time of year!
Blowing pollen and all!


Saturday, April 04, 2015

Flying Time & Scattered Thoughts

Seriously, how does so much time fly by between posts with me?
I swear I have the best intentions!

When last we visited, I was heading off to the DFW Fiberfest.  
And what a perfectly FUN time THAT was.  
I had a serious fiber festival hangover for a few days.   And it was real.  
But slowly I climbed back into reality.  I find a sniff of wool here and there throughout the day does wonders.  ha!

It all seems like such a blur now! 
But man did we have fun!

 We laughed with the Yarn Harlot.
We shopped.
We knit.
We shopped some more.
We knit.
We were inspired by Franklin Habit.
We shopped again.

And again!
The vendors were fantastic!
Miss Babs!  Must Stash Yarns!  Hill Country Weavers!!   Lost City Knits...oh there were so many and entirely too much temptation!

I screwed up my Pi Shawl.....

Then fixed it.
 And shopped again.
And several of us dined on delicious sushi and Japanese fare!
(Hi Carol!)

There's something just so comforting about being with "YOUR PEOPLE"
You know...the wool people!

So there was new yarn introduced to the stash.

and we're already waiting for next year!
or at least until Stitches Texas!
 Good times, indeed!

Even though I have enough things on the needles,
the temptation proved too strong and I had to cake up some of the new yarrrrrn!

This is Perfect Sock by Must Stash Yarns,
in the Polka Dot Afro Circus colorway!


How could I not start these socks?
I'm almost to the toe of the second sock now.  Need to take a new pic!
If you ever have a chance to get some of Stacie's yarn,
you should!  Her colorways are always fantastic!
And it's self-striping, so we all know those socks knit up way faster than other socks! 

So that sums up Fiberfest!
Let's fast forward to this weekend!
If you follow me on Instagram (kwiltykimknits2) or Facebook,
then you know something wonderful happened yesterday!!!!

 Brynlee Ann joined the world!
Isn't she precious!?!?  This is Avery's little sister!  Can you believe it!?
Time surely does fly!  Wasn't Avery just a baby not too long ago?
And I was so touched they chose to give her my middle name!
That was a huge surprise!  
they just make you smile, don't they?

I can't wait until June!  My kids AND grandkids will all be here for a visit!
I've been saving up hugs and kisses for those kiddos!  I hope they're prepared!

Add to that joy, the fact that today was a beautiful day here in North Texas!
I hope it was beautiful where you are!

I did some spring cleaning and didn't even mind!  
Something about throwing some classic rock on, opening the windows,
and cleaning.  I can handle that.  Every now and then!  ha!

Miss Pia enjoyed the open windows and blinds as well!

This is her favorite spot.  On my bedside dresser.  Gazing into the box hedge that's outside of our window.  It's quite the bustling place....that hedge.  Hours of entertainment!

There's something about curtains dancing in a breeze....

It was a wonderful day with lots of activity and now I can sit back in clean home
and do whatever the heck I want without worrying about cleaning...
at least for a few days!  ;o)

I relaxed a bit today with the June issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  Have you seen the latest issue? 

I can't say I've been thrilled as of late with the patterns.  Nothing wrong with them.  Just not my taste.
But this issue....THIS ISSUE IS SO GOOD!  Do you see the post its up there!
I flagged a LOT of pages!  
This is exciting, because I feel that quilting mojo returning.
I highly recommend this issue if you don't subscribe.  Great articles!  And really nice quilts.
After I finished reading it, I started thinking about reorganizing my stash,
and getting that organized again.  Probably won't happen soon, but I'm just glad the fabric is moving back toward the front of the line in my head!  

How about another baby pic?

Brynlee Ann - 7 lb 9 oz and 21 inches long!

This was a rather scattered post, 
but all things that had to be shared with you!

I hope you had a fantastic day today,
and have a blessed day tomorrow!