Monday, July 14, 2014

Who Knew???

Who knew I'd score a seat at the Stephen & Steven Tour 2014!?
With my two besties, Lori & Becca?
At MadTosh Crafts, no less!?

Who KNEW that StevenBe is so FABULOUS!?
And that Stephen West is so TALL?

and he's also so humble,
and very kind,
and quite photogenic!
Who knew??

Well I'm sure YOU do if you're a fan.
His photo shoots are always so creative and wonderful!

Who KNEW that I would WIN!!?

What a fabulous doorprize!  So generous of the Madelinetosh ladies!
And do you just love that tote?
Totes Ma Goats!!

I have to say, I knew of Stephen (with a PH) West's designs,
but did not know so much about StevenBe. 
Can I just say....if I was still up north,
I would so make trips to his shop in the Cities and hope to just hang out with this guy.
He has a soul about him that just resonated with me
And his designs are awesome!
And he's fun!

And the projects in my Ravelry queue grew...a LOT.
And I've opened up my color horizons even more!

and I've added glitter and a little WILD to my yarn stash...thank you StevenBe!

Who KNEW!!?
I only wish the day was longer.

Yep..a day with the girls..
and with Stephen & Steven....
and I was a total FAN GIRL.
Who KNEW??!!?


Monday, June 30, 2014

Around the Camp Fire!

I finished my Camp Loopy Project One!

You may recall I used the interior of the beach house in
Something's Gotta Give
as my inspiration!

And I chose to knit the Pendulum Shawl
 Oh the SQUISHY!

 The SQUISHY and the soft COLORS!
This yarn...
I'm very pleased and it was actually finished on time!

How about you?
Did you get your Project One finished?
Are you ready to dive in to Project Two?
I didn't purchase any yarn for Project Two, 
so unsure if I will remain at camp.
Lord knows I have enough yarn in stash.
I may stick around for month two....
I may feign homesickness.....


And Then There Were Three

Meet Miss Pia!

We say "Pia!  Pia!  Pia!" And she scampers underfoot.
 I love having a little purring being again!

Sweetness all rolled into a little fur ball!

 The boys are not amused.

They're going to LOVE her....


Saturday, June 21, 2014

And Then The Week Was Over

Avery and her parents were here from Nebraska last week!

For seven whole days.

Wasn't long enough....


Monday, June 02, 2014

Out In The Wild...Glamping

I'm GLAMPING....Camp Loopy style!

I'm in Glamper #4!
Summer camp started yesterday!
Like a giddy kid, I couldn't wait!
Got to cast on a new project!

June project guidelines were to use at least 400 yards 
of any weight yarn and knit something
inspired by your favorite book, movie or TV show!

I chose my inspiration from one of my favorite movies...
Somethings Gotta Give!

This movie is one I LOVE to watch over and over again just so I can see 

I've chosen to use this GORGEOUS yarn
from The Loopy Ewe!
And I'm knitting

Sand & Surf....Surf & Sand
A Beachy Shawl!

Knitting & Glamping.....Glamping & Knitting!

Are you camping too?